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Automatically import and manage sprites in GameMaker Studio 2. · By lazyeye, topherlicious

How to sync existing in project images?

A topic by Alexey Tronov created Sep 25, 2018 Views: 440 Replies: 2
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I have a project that already has a few images that were loaded in GMS2 IDE. I want to work with them and edit sometimes so i need them in working directory too. Can i sync it somehow, just re-save from project with disabled syncing or somehow else? And do you plan to add this feature in next update?


Hey! 1.1.0 will indeed include an "extraction" method that will make a mirror of the sprite tree in your watch directory. This is a tricky task, and is taking us a bit of time, but in the meantime if you create a image with a name that will match an existing resource in GMS2, and have you permissions set to Maximum in lazyload, lazyload will update the sprite!

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Wowdude, you're faster that light. Thanks for answer, especially for trick with the same sprite name that will be replaced, good to know. I think you should write it somewhere cause it's not obvious or maybe i'm just dumb a bit. Good to know. Good luck with lazyload and thank you for your work.