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Dunk the cookie!
Submitted by MashArcade (@MashArcade) — 3 days, 3 hours before the deadline
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Graphics/Sound design/Unique code#22.6833.000

Ranked from 2 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Dunk the Cookie! Made for Squeaky Clean Jam. Graphics/Sound/Code by Sam. Cookie consulting by Meseta. QA (Qookie Assurance) by Havik. Milky Remix by Grace.

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Do you know these games that have you on the edge of your seat? So intriguing and interesting that you simply can't stop playing until you finished the game? I can tell you, I had this experience with Witcher 2, Undertale and yet again with this game. You might think that it is just a short experience and the gameplay is very bland, but let me tell you: If you think that, you clearly don't see the bigger picture. 

This game reflects the very complexity we face in our daily lives, our daily struggles. You try to set goals for yourself, you pursue them and fail repeatedly. But what do you do? Do you simply give up? or do you try again and again until you finally succeed? Wasn't it Einstein who said  “You never fail until you stop trying.”? This game reminded me of the importance of the concept again and made me reflect some of my recent life decisions. Now I have a new energy and motivation to work on myself again! 

Thank you! 


They say the cookie eats the man, but in this collection of fantasies that is but one answer to the question of time. Each chip of the cookie represents a piece of the puzzle of what was foretold, in the cosmos they reach seeking an answer to its dough. Think hard on this, for it is here that the science of love dissolves into the pieces of wisdom we have not yet imparted on the weak souls. In this time of questioning our moral spectrum of to cookie or in fact two cookie one must seek the guidance of the Seven and their teachings for it is only them who can share that which the flour coats, and for when the flour rises upon the backs of those who wait, only then can we be truly sure that the cookie was once an agent of the cosmos, sent out before we could realize that the salt was there, an infinite collection of questions of sweetness yet bitter betrayal, an odyssey and tale of knowledge so oft forgot in this rambling world of clowns and fairies, who are we but mere ants on a log to question the forces that propel such an art and craft to the millions of minds who scorn the very nature of the cookie.

pretty good game


I think I just saw GoD for a moment.


And he has an eye focused on his disciples.

...and the other one wandering off slightly to the left.


This game made me rethink what games really are.  So often do we overcomplicate our lives, filling it with meaningless flashing lights and thunderous sounds.  But games are a reflection of life.  Games remind us about our own human experience.

I can tell you that I've dunked the cookie more than a few times in my own life.  And during dark times I can look back and smile.  I'm glad Cookie Dunk reminded me of that.


Masterpiece.  Like, seriously, this is what gaming is truly about.  I don't need AAA games like God of War and Spiderman in my life as long as this exists.