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Thiago, thank you for your comment!

I'm super charmed by your first game, too! You should be very proud. Let me know when you've made more, I would love to see your progress.

Hello and thanks for the question! This is for GameMaker:Studio 2. For 1.4, check out the Marketplace asset. No code changes have been made, this version just has a bit better quality sprites.

As always, masterfully done and very charming. It's premise is simple, but it never gets boring. A fun challenge, and even when the going gets tough, I always want "just one more try...!"

A+ I clearly used no reference.

Did that just blow your mind?

You can walk and you can QUACK. If walking gets you nowhere... just keep quackin'.

YOU free him

You'll never know.

No u


Thanks, xpoint! Duck loves YOU.

Glad you enjoyed it!


I had so much fun playing this! A very short and sweet little game with a lot of personality jammed into every corner. Thank you for sharing this with us!

Hi there! For personal reasons, I chose Itch over the Marketplace for this updated asset. It is the same as the 1.4 version there with updated graphics and polish.


It says "#1" on both of our games, so we both get the prize.

Hello, killerfun! First place? Now that's what I call a MILKY COOKIE!  I'll accept payment in the form of a donation to Cookie Dunk. Thank you.

"In your opinion." PPfft. There's only one objectively better game here. 

And he has an eye focused on his disciples.

...and the other one wandering off slightly to the left.

I loved how relatable the cat was; I also do not prefer raisins in my cookies. I enjoyed the game, though I wonder if the cat was able to dunk the cookie after achieving so many of them.

WHAT?! I'M SORRY I CAN'T HEAR YOU OVER THIS BATTLE MUSIC. Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed!