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Do it!

Extremely fun to play! Probably spent the better part of an hour playing! Very well done.

Though I have to say, the controller turning did make me a little nauseous at times.

Well, it was indeed as advertised! That + Some other random fun interactions like a gun made this worth spending a little more time in.

I loved all of the detail that went into this! Very polished. I also enjoyed some of the goofy sound effects and thought that the game loop was well done.

I played this game using knuckles controllers and found that in order to grip things I had to use my full strength on the grip sensor which tired out my hands and made it difficult to move while holding things, but otherwise it controlled well.

Very well made and executed! I loved the atmosphere and the scariness the enemies gave off without ever jumping out at you. The only thing I found a bit weird was the snap turning. While it makes sense that you would snap in 90 degree increments in the context of the game, it threw me off as someone who uses it to make small adjustments for comfort rather than as an actual mechanism for turning. I was definitely a bit disoriented for the first 5 minutes. But I pulled through, made it to the end and had quite a bit of fun strategizing spells!

Very fun concept! I had a ton of fun destroying the first room, and then the scene turned nightmarish with the dudes coming after me. It was like a nightmare where all my weapons were shattering in my hands.

Maybe I'm just a bit cowardly, but I go startled by almost every interaction!

That's all to say: Very well done!

I loved the atmosphere and visuals of the game. But for whatever reason when I try going up stairs after playing the piano I just sink into the floor and can't get back up. I reset it the game to no avail, but I still greatly appreciate the ideas the game was going for.

You might have to set SteamVR/Oculus as the OpenXR runtime. Outside of that I’m not too sure. I’m very new to VR dev.

Innovation ends today. For where else is there to go beyond Frog Clicker?

Not bad for 3 days. Obviously the game is a little lacking in objective, but for what it was, it controlled well and looked very nice!

I love the art, and music! The jump felt a little low, but otherwise it was fun to control. Great job!

Simple, but well done. I liked how the cherries smile once you pick them up. I did find the jump a little finicky around narrow platforms, but otherwise felt good!

I managed to get 6 eggs!

The game was simple, but it did it's job well! Good work.

Score: 2220

This is really well done! I had a bit of a hard time with the controls, but I suspect that's a pico8 thing. The visuals were simple yet effective and all of the gardening features worked properly. I got sucked into the flow of the game and played longer than I thought I would!

I liked it. The graphics were pleasant, the sound effects were goofy. Controls felt a little slidey, but otherwise really good!

This was pretty fun! Though I feel like the best strat for most sections was to just hold down space and make fine movements from there. Could've done with a little more visibility around the areas where you're making leaps of faith though. But I like it, and I'm really happy someone used that interpretation of Spring!

Absolutely loved the feel of the game. visuals, music, and movement were wonderfully done. I loved the duck squeak when you press down. Some more guidance on how to move/throw things would be nice though, as I didn't get very far before I no longer knew what to do.

HighScore: 2071

Very hypnotic and fun! Could do with a slightly longer music piece though.

The controls were surprisingly fast, but actually really fun to use once I figured out the controls. My one gripe would be that the camera was tilted slightly behind me instead of in front, so it was hard to tell where I was going, and some off the floating cubes in the foreground tricked me into trying to land on them.  Cool atmosphere, and really fun controls!

The loop of gathering water and watering the flower got a little bit repetitive, perhaps if the flower only had to grow half as tall it would have been a little less so? Either way, you created a very compelling atmosphere for the game. It felt very otherworldly, while also representing spring! And that I really liked!

The player movement and level mechanics were kinda jank, but I oddly love the look of the game and the level design concept! 

While messing with controls certainly makes it chatoic, it also felt kind've frustrating and I found myself repeteadly dying so that I could get a better control scheme. However, I really liked the visuals and sound of the game, and when I could figure out the control scheme it controlled well!

This was awesome! I love the graphics and the gameplay was chaotic but still fun!

The gameplay felt a little stiff and sluggish, but I like the idea. The graphics were pretty nice though!

I couldn't figure out what to do so I ended up just wandering around. I do quite like the goofy designs though!

Just a comment here to help some new players since the ingame tutorial is a bit vague. The goal of the game is to get everyone the thing they want. It's basically a mini questing system. Some NPC's need to be interacted with multiple times to finish a conversation and some conversations won't appear until you have an item that interests them.

Pressing 'E' to open your inventory is very helpful for checking what items you have and what quests have been assigned.

This is something I had hoped to clarify/correct in game, but didn't have enough time to properly explain. Thank you for all the feedback, it is very helpful and gives me some key points to keep in mind when working on future projects! :)

The colliders were a bit too unforgiving and it often felt like dying to nothing, but it otherwise controlled solid and is a pretty good starter project!

The weak  jump made this a little frusterating, but the puzzels themselves were cleverly made and the game as a whole is very beautiful to look at!

Controls in conjunction with the camera leave a lot to be desired and I struggled to figure out what the characters movement limits were and what jumps I could and couldn't make. That being said, I thought the graphics were pretty nice, I really liked the IK on the spider, even when it flipped out sometimes, and for some reason it reminds me of a TT Lego games which was a very cool.

Took a little while to figure out the controls and the cubes were definitley a bit too slippery, but I like the puzzel design, and it was fun to complete. 

I'm awful at any and all things rhythm based but I still love the concept and especially the look of the game!

Absolutely! Discovered that after uploading the game. Probably should have made them more slippery, but hey! Whatever works. 

I never noticed that. I’ll be sure to look into it! :)

The game looks very cool! It's cool seeing how much it has changed over time.

Very fun, with great aesthetic. The gameplay reminds me of some of the 80's arcade racers. Only issue is that the camera seems a little too snappy which can make twists and curves a little nauseating . Minding that, it's Amazing!

This is super neat! I struggle a little with figuring out exactly where I should go at the start but besides that it it is super cool and pretty!

A little floaty but very fun!

This is incredibly awesome tech! It's like exploring massive magical caverns in some alternate reality! Keep going with this project, it's so cool!

It wasn’t an intentional reference, I just knew I wanted the character to be a bird and thought blue jays looked cool. I’m glad you like it! The platform thing is a glitch but clicking reset usually fixes it! I didn’t give myself much time for bug fixing so anything could happen!