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A member registered May 26, 2017

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i think u should make dungeons, I got an idea of one of the concepts of a dungeon (it would be best if there is more than one type of dungons) its a dungeon where u have to go trough 3 floors: floor 1 is where u have to kill a hoard of minions (maybe like 40 and they come 10 at a time) and when u have killed 10 a new hoard appears. I think they should have high attack but low defence and health so it wouldn't be to hard, and once u have killed them there would come a mini boss with like 10k health (depending on lvl but I think that lvl 10+ should have a boss with atleast 8k health, else it would be to easy :D) and once u kill that boss a new floor appears (floor 2), floor 2 is a puzzle and there isn't to much to say about that :D The last floor is the end boss, I think it should have 30k health (again, depending on lvl) so it wouldn't be to ez and not to hard. And at the end u would get 2 loot chestes instead of one since u did a lot more stuff than the other bosses/quests. That's what I had in mind of what one dungeon could be :D

So when i was doing the ''Rescue Levi from the kidnappers'' (or whatever it was called) I went to the camp and then i don't see this Levi dude and I think ''its prob just becuse I have to kill the bandits first'' and I did but he was still not there. Then I went over to the campfire and see if I had to do something there and then I see that it says ''Untie Levi'' and then I found out that he was bugged into the ground.

i didn't know how to heal my wolf mount so i clicked on a berry in my inv and clicked on the wolf and then the wolf turned into a berry

i think it is quit boring just ordering things from a peace of paper so maybe a market place or something would be nice. Example: There might be a trade table thing with more advanced ingots (such as bronze wich of course is 10% tin and 90% copper) and another being places where u find ideas to new weapons such as..... idk but u get the idea