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Suggestions & Ideas Sticky

A topic by Zaphyk created Aug 02, 2017 Views: 219 Replies: 10
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Feel free to post any ideas or suggestions you have and they might end up in the game!

My suggestions are in bold. Im not even going to front the bugs you already know about. The technical things will be in Italics. My personal experience will be left untouched. what i fell is an un-intellegent response will be in [ ]. im also playing the game as i review it to make sure i dont say dumb things you maybe already know

I did not realize the world was Generated and i respect anyone who can do such mathmatical and programmable feats as i cant. I was expecting there to be dungeons on top of hills and there werent, But it was my expectation so i quickly reevaluated my expectations and moved forward.

     6 hours later and being a level 4 rogue i stubled across a Graveyard. That was the coolest thing in the game so far and the art of those guys were really cool. All in all; i will continue to play as Triple A's or MMO's dont give me the freedom to move around as much as this game does. Now the real "Problem" if i so call it that is the Denity of the world does not match how big the world is. Having shrines, Bandit camps with one bandit, and Graveyards [there may be more its just my experience] are just not enough to keep people enticed in such long hauls of how much running you have to do for things. I completely droped the questing because there was no clear way of getting to the quest to me [i bet it was right in front of me but nothing held my hand text wise]. I really do hope that as this game progresses, theres more to do. 

(EDIT: i didnt even know there were gliders or mounts; Thats really cool! The roll is on the mousewheel? strange...)

My suggestion is to try to add crypts to the graveyards, Add castles on hills that have a dungeon to crawl through, WAY bigger bandit camps with more bandits of course, and some sort of Civil city that might add to the questing and maybe even give way to shops and crafting?]

Could there be a better way to allowcate more ram to the Chunk loading? F3 gives me a heads up on how much ram is being used and i feel as if there is a huge barrier to better chunk loading being this game seems to only want to use 64mb of my ram when i have 10 gigs of free ram and 16 total. i dont know what the second part to that drawed chunks are and if you specified that would be cool too. i do understand if you are trying to let this game be on older machines but this cap causes the game to seem to not function well. 

ive noticed that because of the Ram cap on a thing like that; it cause everything to freeze while it loads. from Music to AI functionality to my own hotbared abilitys and what not.

All in all im a really big believer in this game and the amount of detail gone into some things give me alot of hope on this project.

[On a personal note what engine do you use to do this? or is it built from the ground up? What modeling software do you use? if any at all?]


First of all thank you for the suggestions, I really appreciate them :)

The game's engine is my own and I made it using C# and OpenGL also I use Blender for my modelling needs. Since this is a very EARLY alpha and I am a sole developer there is a lot of planned features missing.  This makes the world uninsteresting  so I have plans to add new structures in the following updates to make the game's procedurally generated world much more interesting and challeging. I don't want to spoil the new stuff ranges from travelling merchants and shops to old abadoned cities and giant trees, I also like your idea of adding crypts and expanding the bandit camps so it might be implemented in the future. Again thank you for your detailed feedback and be sure to follow the project

By the way yesterday I released a new version which should improve the performance significantly and has some new stuff, you should try it out!

 I wrote  from a "Barely Scratched The Surface" Perspective. I actualy didnt understand questing too well; And because of it i became pretty bored fast. once i figured that out i also figured out The quests are the same and that is ok for what it is right now. I played for roughly 14 hours more because it was so cool seeing what Biome i would spawn in next. Oh and since this is a ground up engine i obviously steped outside my boundries tellin you how to do what and why, So im sorry if i made your hard work look useless from my perspective. Oh and i really wanted to hammer in "Density" but i had spelt it wrong. Whoops xD,I really dont think players will care about the size of the world as long as its populated with things to do and progression to be had, and as Triple A's and Indies alike get this so wrong alot; I try to hammer it into Incredibly talented Rising indie's like you In the hopes of making way better games in the future. 

Tootin my horn a little bit; I actually do this alot and i was incredibly prevelent in the We Happy Few's forums doing exactly what i have done to you. Almost same Structure; And made sure i played the game in a good enough depth to write something detailed.

[I enjoy your game so if i ever rage at something you will do in the near future its because i care deeply about your project as of now!]

On what you said about keeping up, You definitly dont need to worry about me keeping up i quite enjoy the game right now and cant wait for the future of this Project. You just gotta expect me to also be right on top of [Some] Small updates and ALWAYS Prevelent during the [Large] Updates! Love the game and potential!


It's fine for me if you want to do some harsh criticism while it is constructive at the same time(like you previous post) and It really helps me improve the game a lot. Seeing you liked the  world generation I am planning to add some improvements to it in the following updates. Anyway thanks for playing and I look forward to hear your opinion in the future updates(hint: I plan to upload one in the following days.)

I just launched up the game, and I was a bit disappointed when I saw there wasn't a Mage or Wizard class, as I usually pick this in games of this sort. If you could add that that'd be cool!


Don't worry, most of the code for it is done and  it will be added when I make a good wizard character model

That is awesome that it is being worked on for sure. Mage is my favorite Class in any Roguelike!

I think the cool down for the abilities should be grayed after you used it instead of numbers counting down


Grayed out it's used when you havent learned that ability.

i think u should make dungeons, I got an idea of one of the concepts of a dungeon (it would be best if there is more than one type of dungons) its a dungeon where u have to go trough 3 floors: floor 1 is where u have to kill a hoard of minions (maybe like 40 and they come 10 at a time) and when u have killed 10 a new hoard appears. I think they should have high attack but low defence and health so it wouldn't be to hard, and once u have killed them there would come a mini boss with like 10k health (depending on lvl but I think that lvl 10+ should have a boss with atleast 8k health, else it would be to easy :D) and once u kill that boss a new floor appears (floor 2), floor 2 is a puzzle and there isn't to much to say about that :D The last floor is the end boss, I think it should have 30k health (again, depending on lvl) so it wouldn't be to ez and not to hard. And at the end u would get 2 loot chestes instead of one since u did a lot more stuff than the other bosses/quests. That's what I had in mind of what one dungeon could be :D