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This is like one of the coolest things I've seen in quite a while! Wonderful!


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Basically you feed it some beats and chords that contain notes (the pitch) and the "strength" of the note.

Strength corresponds to the intensity, so "strong" notes are only played when intensity is high. 

 Then for every beat every different instrument has a little algorithm to decide what note to play for that particular "instrument" - a sample basically. 

For the solo instrument, it also actually records a small number of "bars" to make the music feel less random. 

Increasing the intensity can then mean that we play more beats on the drums or go up in pitch on the solo instruments. 

It uses something like this:

Beat 0 1 2 3

And the every beat has a "sixteenth" that goes 0 1 2 3 as well, and this lets me control when to time beats and notes. 

My next step is to make all this easier to set up, save or define in files etc. 

It won't be a complete solution but for jams it could be useful for just generating some music in the background. 

Yeah, multi-platform stuff can always bite  you. Testing on every platform isn't really realistic... No worries! 

Yeah, well, the missile issue was a tweak issue I never fixed and the spawn sites were some sort of super easy math issue about their placement that I never got right. They were supposed to spawn muuuch closer to the villages, but for the love of me I couldn't get the spawn area right. I needed a good night's sleep but there was only ten minutes left...

It feels like if you sit and tweak too early, time just gets away from you... 😉

Thanks for playing! 

It's fine, it survived. That was indeed a lot of entities! 

Thanks a lot for testing it and the nice feedback. Yes, sound is the next thing, haven't done much audio in bevy at all, yet.

Didn't work straight up in the browser either. Might give it a go in Windows later...

It's both the linux build and the wasm build - installed through itch app. I will now test the wasm version in the browser!

All my robots just seemed to get stuck at the bottom, but I'll perhaps give it another go!

I will try to port my music-generator from LibGDX to Bevy... soonish.

While not really finished, I liked the look of it. Zooming in and out can also induce hallucinations... :D 

I found the order-giving process to be... non-intuitive. My bots mostly got stuck and I wasn't sure how to work that. Apart from that, wow it looked good. The bots were super cool. Work on the control scheme, I am not sure how to best make it work, but something was lacking - for me. It's an early morning for me where I am right now, so that may play a part.

The slowdown of the music was real creepy, I was expecting some scary horror moments at any moment. Loved the artstyle on the squirrel, that's one cute squirrel?

Yeah, having to replay levels was a bummer, but other than that a fun game with wonderful SFX.

A very good looking game - unfortunately I was stressed when playing it so the added stress of the timer made me double-stressed... But I really liked the concept, very unique.

Man, I was confused, but I always like a game with a lot of stuff going on. I will try to keep in mind, always, to make the controls obvious and simple. There was a disconnect between what I was doing and what was happening, I didn't really understand what was going on. But the real treasure was the friends we made along the way.

I had issues with right-clicking it would seem. I like a good detective game.

It was fuun, but I got stuck and got upset! 

One of my favourites, couldn't stop playing.

The sound design and the splash screen look fantastic, then I felt the graphics were a bit "noisy" or "cluttered" for my taste. But I always love a good voice-over and a generated map!

OK, I am veeery sour from not being able to get a higher score... I have to move on, but this was GREAT!

I really liked the look of it, I liked the perspective. It, just like my game, needs some sound!

Nice! I'm a sucker for this type of game... I would prefer thrust-based controls (my brain prefers), but this was fine. There were a looot of bullets. Add some cool effects and this is a real game!

I liked it. Nice presentation and so on - but I didn't really get into it, maybe the type of game just isn't my jam!

Now I get it, I bumped into those when I lived in France, fun fun fun! 

I often complain about fps games not having an invert-y setting, this seems as important for accessibility! 

Really liked it, looks great, plays well, didn't have time to play MORE - I might get back to it later to give it another go. Top marks!

Yeah, this was just sooo much fun! Soo good!

I liked the idea but everything was so tiny on my screen, I had a hard time clicking on the right pieces! But I really liked the idea!

Oh man everything was sooo tiny!

Very nice indeed! Fun after I figured it out!

I really really liked this! So relaxing just shooting bricks and trying to get to the end and... it felt like a classic game. Very cool combo of tetris mechanics with tower building. Sooo GOOD!

What's ZQSD btw? Just the keyboard mapping?

Thanks for the feedback. 

There was actually supposed to be a day-night cycle where it would get darker and darker and then the sun would start to come up and you would have to finish before sunries... but that crate didn't work (for me) on wasm so...

When the missiles explode, I instantiate a bunch of lights and meshes, and after a while there's TONS of lights and meshes, and that seemed to cause some problems. I'm not very experienced with Bevy but I took this as an opportunity to learn a lot. Thanks for the tips, I have around 3-5 laptops of varying performance that I use for development (and my workstation which is quite powerful) so I usually get a good breadth of machines to test on. 

I did remove some lights etc to get better performance, but in the end... yeah, it is what it is.

Yeah, I didn't quite get the navigation to be intuitive, mini-maps are a good thing.

In my original game ( Santa simply dropped the gifts when passing over houses, but I never got there... :D

That makes me real happy. I would've loved to have had the time to add some jingles, some music and... you know, better gameplace etc...

Thanks for the feedback! I think I just merged some fixes to the missile speed to main, so if you try again you might... but I never got the maneuverability and steering to be just right this time. I didn't do it using physics, just velocities and rotations and then the missiles just were too good to outsmart / outmaneuver.

Thanks for the feedback!

I zoomed in and realized the art was fantastic up close. What a nice little game. I have a hard time quitting it, how will my colony manage without me?