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Really interesting mechanics and ideas! I didn't get very far (will try again later 😅) but it's fun. Being able to see the next layer, and having to plan where exactly you'll jump in, is a really cool idea. Well done!

A few significant bugs that others have already pointed out, but I think the concept is cute, the core gameplay seems like a good foundation, and I like the art :)

This is really cool! I enjoyed it. I did run into an issue, where I had no remaining keys and was unable to continue (all paths forward needed a key, and I was only at 6/15 loot), so the map generation could use a tweak to make sure that doesn't happen. (or maybe there was an alternative I missed 😅) But, the gameplay is decent, and I love the aesthetic :)

Chill game, interesting design :) The AI doesn't really know how to play, though, haha. Was winning rounds by charging a single super-powered pawn into the opponents backrank. On a few occasions, the opponent tossed their only remaining piece to die in a pit. I think it would be more fun with a smarter opponent, but the core idea is fun. Well done!

Thank you :)

This is cute and fun! Good puzzle game. Took me a few tries to remember the order of operations (You list what eats what at the very start, but I have the memory of a goldfish, and I read the mid-game-reminder note backwards and got a few full-party-wipes on the first level LOL). The music and the sound suit the game well, and once I got the hang of it, I found it fun :) Final score on first successful play-through: 37 kills, 12 casualties, 25:10 time.

This is a fun idea. Took me a few tries to get the hang of it, but kept me coming back to try again. Well done :)

Trippy! Definitely incomplete, but this is a really interesting and weird environment. Feels eerie to be in, especially with the low pitched rumbling you get from some of the moving platforms. Could be a good setting for an artsy puzzle game, just saying 👀

Love this. Cool concept, reminds me of Enter the Gungeon when using the super hot watch. Good weapon variety. Passives seem a bit rare (I only found one in my first successful playthrough) but the one I did find (beer) helped a lot when escaping with the briefcase. Well done :)

This is delightful. A fun puzzle to figure out positioning. I'm terrible at it, but I'm not even bothered because it's fun, haha. Very good.

Follow-up question, is there a preferred way to keep the original around? Got a couple of small tweaks I want to make but don't want to run afoul of the submission rules. For a browser-based game, is a link from the game page to a copy of the 7drl version good enough?

Thank you for playing :D Really happy you liked the atmosphere, I think this is my first 7drl where I tried adding in sound & music. Very fair point on difficulty! Post-jam & after voting closes, maybe I'll add a difficulty slider.

This is really cute and delightful. I love it.

Hmm, good point re: signs. Will keep that in mind for the future or post-jam updates :)

In the mean time, I took this as an excuse to add a bestiary to the game page.

Thank you for playing! The Sofa of Eternity is a juggernaut.

To be honest, I spent most of February bingeing the RE2 remake, and had Mr X in my head when designing the sofa's behaviour 😅 Like with him, the best play is usually to run, unless you are cornered.

This is awesome! Played through a short mystery, found the murderer! 🔪🩸

Powerful! Truly, you are Master Over All Garbage 🦝

As for what happens, that is something I don't think I actually tested. I did set a maximum search radius of 50 tiles, so it shouldn't be an infinite loop. But, items might start to vanish into the ether. Or float. Only one way to find out!

Hey! Pardon the slow response, busy December!

If you press "?" while playing, it shows the full set of controls! Also, stairs don't actually matter. The adventurer who goes through the dungeon and makes a big mess of it spawns at the up stair, and finishes at the down stair, but that's used during level generation and doesn't come up during play; you just get to clean up the aftermath :)

Birds are absolutely fantastic! I made this quite a few years ago, and I was still learning, so I don't have any plans to update this. But, I will 100% ensure that my next game includes birds.

thanks =^.^=

Wowow thank you! I'm really glad you've enjoyed it, and thank you for the support!!

For sure, you can 100% mess with the code. I'm in the middle of a pretty busy week so I might not get to updating it until this weekend, but I will.

I'm glad you found it satisfying =^.^=!!

I made this a long time ago so my memory might be fuzzy, but it should be guaranteed, and does have a hint! But, it doesn't show up on the first day. One of the possible conversation options is that someone will ask you what kind of animal you like (cats? dogs? etc). On days after that, the room will start appearing, with your choice of animal inside.

This is a lot of fun! I'm pretty bad at it though, haha. I thought I was starting to get the hang of it, but then the fun police came for me...

This is super cool! Made it to level 16 or so; will definitely save and play again :)

I did a quick update! Picking things up now works when you're on top of them, and there's a clarifying message sent if you try to fix or mop a mess you are standing on top of.

Hmm... are you standing on top of things or adjacent to them? All cleaning methods affect neighbouring tiles but not your own! Let me know if it's still not working and something else is going on.

Now that you mention it though, I think I forgot to say that in the help screen, and even then it doesn't really make sense for picking things up. I added the ignore-own-tile exception for repairing things so you're never trying to fix a piece of furniture you're on top of, but it doesn't really make sense for the other cases. I'll do an update on that when I have time over the next few days!

Legit! Didn't have the time during the jam but I've been thinking it might be fun to revisit this; if I do, I'll definitely add a tutorial :)

This was a lot of fun! First successful runthrough, 2457 points as the Barbarian :)

Btw, unrelated, but I don't see it on itch so can't comment on it; I played your previous roguelike recently too and I loved it.

It was a good experience! I had support from partners, and it was nice to share it with friends after submitting :) 

It was definitely all-consuming though. I definitely am taking a bit of a break. This was less than a month after another game jam I completed, but I saw it was coming up and had always wanted to do a 7DRL so in spite of worrying I'd burn myself out, I did it anyway.  It was a good experience, but I'm fatigued; No more game jams for me for at least a month or two!!

I'm really proud of how my game turned out. As much as I love Roguelikes I'm, uh, not actually that good at them, so doing a full 26 level playthrough of mine didn't happen before the deadline. I've since played through my own game a few times and there's a list of things I would want to polish but I'm otherwise really happy with it!!

I definitely want to participate next year. I already have an idea I want to try that would be appropriate (though a year is a long time to sit on it; I might just do it before then)

Thank you! I'm glad you like it =^.^=

ahh I should've telegraphed this better. The idea was to use the crate + double jumping to attack the driver.

This is really cute! Highly relatable gay bard :3

this was a lot of fun! Made me laugh :)