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Glad you liked it! I'll try to make another one like it when I get the chance.

Hi, any word from support?  I'm still unable to change my paypal address, I'm sure it's linked to another account which I had closed and can't access any more, which is why I can't do it myself (tried many different options). Cheers.

Thanks, it was Natasha Maxine who dealt with my email in 2016. The original account was, which was set up using my primary email which is also my main PayPal address. She had deleted that account, as when I try to reset the password for the email registered with it it says email not found. But I can't add the email to my additional emails (which is required to set up PayPal) as it says email already in use with another user.

Seems like that the account was made dormant and inaccessible, but the email for it is still seen by the system. If the account could be reactivated again, then I could change the email registered with it which I think would be the simplest solution. Thanks.

Just for the record I haven't received any email back from support either. One email in about 5 years so I can hardly be accused of abusing the support system as I appreciate it's only a small team.

Hi, I've sent two emails to the support email but haven't heard anything back. Someone tried to send me a payment but it got declined, as the PayPal address in question doesn't accept any of the currencies listed.

When I tried to change email address to add my UK (main) PayPal account I get the following error message. 

  • someone else is already using that email

When I first created an itch account I used that email address, but created a second one as I wasn't happy with the URL (before the option to change it was implemented. The girl I spoke to assured me that the account would be deleted, but clearly it hasn't as my email address is still registered with it.

I'm only asking this as I bought a new vehicle physics package in the last unity sale and would like to continue using Itch. Is there anything that can be done? All I need to do is change the registered PayPal account. 



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Hey Hazel, sorry for the delay in responding but I was traveling.  The game certainly shouldn't be "forbidden", if it is, then I don't know what is causing that.  Also, are you using a Mac?  It may not work on that. The game is free, like my other games, I'm just a hobbyist and did these in my spare time.  Also, the game that was popular on YouTube shows an older version of this version, unfortunately I lost the older version :)  Once I get more time I'll try to do another, but one game takes almost forever to do!

Edit:  Just tried downloading it and it downloads fine, try again because you may have tried to downloaded it during a server error on Itch.

I just did a quick Google search and found this:

It's free and supports 7zip, but I haven't tried it myself. So if that fails, I can try to upload a zip version for macs.

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Were you able to download it ok? Are you using a PC or Mac? Remember you'll need 7zip to extract the folder.