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The Red-Footed Tortoise

Forage for mushrooms as a Red-Footed Tortoise! · By Lands Afar

The game isn't trying to download it keeps saying forbidden

A topic by HazelTheRabbit created Sep 03, 2018 Views: 245 Replies: 2
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Basically what the title says I tried 2 times and it's acting you got it this..did you forbid the game not working? looks fun and all your games do and they look realistic and I checked out your should make online animal games for pc and ps4...and like have it cost for ps4 or maybe free...but you'll get big bucks if you make it costs...maybe $5 because I'm broke..but the lesser..the more people who will be willing to buy it...I'll love to play them on ps4..they look so realistic...this is the only realistic graphics game where you can be an animal...gta 5 dont count bc its mainly humans but u can be animals for fun...but this is highly detailed and realistic and the animation is realistic..i watched a youtube gameplay on it and it was like 2012 video and it was very nice so ik its better now..probably do a cat one in a forest and make it online...i love cats...i'll be able to roleplay warrior cats...or maybe do a rabbit one...and i'll be able to roleplay watership down...yeah do a rabbit one and then try to make it online..that'll be fun...are u still alive...i hope u are...bc i wanna kno why its saying forbbiden

Developer (1 edit)

Hey Hazel, sorry for the delay in responding but I was traveling.  The game certainly shouldn't be "forbidden", if it is, then I don't know what is causing that.  Also, are you using a Mac?  It may not work on that. The game is free, like my other games, I'm just a hobbyist and did these in my spare time.  Also, the game that was popular on YouTube shows an older version of this version, unfortunately I lost the older version :)  Once I get more time I'll try to do another, but one game takes almost forever to do!

Edit:  Just tried downloading it and it downloads fine, try again because you may have tried to downloaded it during a server error on Itch.

Okay and I'm on windows hp stream...and thanks for a reply I didnt expect that 17 and like really like animal games...u ever played animal jam?