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Hey thanks man! I'll keep that little improvement in mind for a post-jam patch ^_^

Sure thing man! Glad to see you're taking feedback to heart! I'll definetly play the post gamejam version one it comes out. Good luck with further development ^_^

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Honestly a really good little game. Short but sweet! Love the animations on the ghosts as they get sucked in to the bottle. 

I Did run in to a few minor bugs; Ghosts wouldn't cross over open wall doors, and I also couldn't place my bottle down there which made it hard to pass a ghost if it followed me towards one of those doors before and I now had to go back through it. If you replay the game after finishing the bottle counter never goes up so you don't get your ghost form. In the area with the big door one of the crate stacks is high enough that I was able to climb it and jump on top of the walls out of the level (also no collisions on the ceiling, not necesarry, but would prevent this from happening). Last one I found is in the room on the right of the main room (big door one) there is a hole in the floor, I jumped, it was the endless void as I fell to damnation :P Also not sure if these last two were bugs or not; Considering the big door had two keyholes on both sides I imagined I'd need two keys, but after getting the gold one and getting close I heard a clunk, I kept searching for a bronze key to open the door to area on the right of the main hall, but never found it, I approached the door again, heard the key clunk again and won the game. Not sure if I was meant to get two keys or if the two keyholes was just to pull attention to the door. Also on my second go through I went to the right door instead and found the silver key, but I never found a silver door, maybe this was the second key I was supposed to get but because I managed to use the gold key twice (guessing it's a bool that doesn't reset after using the key the first time) it didn't work? Like I said not sure if these last two are bugs or not haha

Personally I would have two small suggestions; the jump feels very floaty to me (although could be intentional because of the ghost form/me being a ghost? Not actually sure if I am a ghost), otherwise movement is pretty slidy but slick in a way that it feels good, usually I like my fps walking very stop and go exactly with when I press the button, but here it seemed velocity based, but didn't feel wrong to me, so props for that! Second suggestion I'd have is a sound (or a different one because I am not sure if one of the sounds the ghosts made was supposed to do this) for when a ghost sees you. I would often round a corner, turn around and there would be a ghost right on me without me having heard that they were following me (I did hear their moans btw, no worries, just one indicator sound of 'hey dumbo you're being chased' would help the hard of hearing like me :P, might genuinly be just me tho since I am partially deaf in one ear so maybe one of the moaning sounds had this purpose and I missed it)

EDIT Reading the comments I see you've already adressed a lot of the stuff I mentioned, great work man! EDIT_END

Honestly though a really great little game, really impressed with the use of lighting and the nice animations including the ghosts and your eyes opening at the start. I honestly think with some polish/expansion of levels/layering on the base mechanics that are there now this could be a great 4-8 hour game concept depending on how many ideas you got to run with ^_^

Really had fun playing your game! One of the most engaging ones I've played so far.

Also sorry for the essay of text >.> I can overexplain stuff, bad habit of mine. Doing it right here <- :P

Thanks man! That's honestly a massive compliment ^_^ Really glad you enjoyed it!

I must have missed the dl for the windows version, I'll try that! Thanks ^^

Sure thing, I'll have a look!

Nope, other Unity WebGL games work just fine, sorry!

This was great man! Others have already pointed out the floaty feel of the jump so I won't harp on about it :P Honestly though, starting at the bottom of the list whilst sorting on popularity I got no idea why your game is so low. This is one of the gems from the 50 or so games I've played so far!

Thanks man! I am aware of the current collision issues, sadly it is an issue with my custom character controller >.> Didn't manage to iron out the last bug before time, so I'm waiting for the jam to be over before I patch it out fully, to stay with the 48 hour spirit! Right now if you get cornered you can hang back far enough in the airlock so one of the doors will close, that way the spider opposite of it will lose interest and eventually leave, but you are entirely right, could use a bit of work, maybe a check on so they don't go to rooms adjacent each other, or a simple fix by just making both the airlock doors close if you're in the center of the airlock. I'll give it some thought so I can do something about it after the jam. Thanks for the huge compliment saying this is pretty much a perfect entry! This being my first game jam that seriously makes my day ^_^

Did normal maps by hand, if you're interested check out the devlog ;) It's on the game's page. Took some work, but I honestly think it's worth it for the extra depth, especially considering I had to do everything out of primitive shapes due to my lack of knowledge on any free 3d modelling software and my old 3dsMax license no longer being valid >.> Hope that answers the question! And thanks for the compliment on the game :D

I'm on version 84.0.4147.135 for Windows 10 - 64bit
I'll see if updating helps!

No worries! I was using chrome

Sadly it gets stuck on a black screen and I can only hear the music.

Crashes on startup

Sadly won't load in chrome

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For some reason the game kept booting up my SteamVR, might wanna fix that. Otherwise great little game, wish I had a little bit more direction though. (Seriously though love the art, atmosphere and the gameplay!)

Sadly won't load

Thanks man, glad you like it! ^_^

Thanks man!

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For those in the comments who haven't checked the games page, but might want to know how this little game was made:

I'm aware of the bug, sadly I ran out of time before being able to fix it during the jam. It's planned to be fixed after the jam is over. I'm glad you enjoyed the atmosphere and the game! ^_^

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In case you're having trouble; the spiders hiss when they see you so that can tip you off. Don't stand underneath vents since that is where they come from! If they are in the way forward the best thing to do is back up to an airlock or previous room, make sure they can't see you and wait them out. I hope it'll help!


Super glad you do :D

Thanks man! Means the world to me to be getting such positive feedback from everyone!

Thank you! ^_^

Thanks man!

Sadly this was a bug I did not manage to fix before the time limit. I'm planning to fix it after the jam is over. The game page has a little more info about it. Thank you for playing!

Haha thanks man, had to actually find out if there was a real word for 'a fear of bullets' when I wrote that line :D 
One day I might revisit the concept of this game for a full project, but it would have to be much more polished than this haha. Definetly nice to know people would be interested! ^^

Thank you! :D

New (and final release) have the cursor locked to the screen. Thank you for making me aware of this issue!

The mouse should now be locked to the screen, thank you for making me aware of this issue. I have also added a low quality release that does away with all the fancy post processing effects so lower end pc's should be able to play it as well

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I'll see if I can make a build of the game without the fancy post porcessing effects. Shouldn't take more than five minutes, that way it should run better on lower end pc's. I'll also see if I can figure out how to lock the mouse to the screen >.>

I'll definetly give it a go and let you know what I think. And small issues are part of game jams :P Can't fix them all!

Lmao, I really like weeving story and gameplay together, and games that do that, but I get how if you ignore it all it might get a bit trial and error :P Also, unrelated note; Really looking forward to playing your game as well, looks super interesting but I'm waiting for the rating periods to start so it'll be the latest version ^^

Thanks man! Getting such positive feedback from everyone is really making my day ^_^

haha, the game is very much based on how a game like Resident Evil 2 works; you explore to discover new things, you can sequence break (like if you pick up the smoothie the scientist gets killed, but this can happen before you've ever talked to him, he just gives you a hint on what to do next; in his case "make me a smoothie" basically, you should have been able to hear his dead screams when you picked up the smoothie :P), dying doesn't necesarilly mean no progress, your knowledge from the previous run can help on the next one (by solving a puzzle early or being able to do them quicker). Anyways I'll stop talking (or typing) your head off XD 

Thanks for playing the game! In case you wanted to know this is how the spiders work: They start in the mess hall in their roaming state (in this state they just pick random points within the limits of the room to go to), after a randomized time between 20 seconds to about 40 at most the spider changes to leave the room, they do this through the vents on the ceiling, then they decide on a random room to go to, the spider then drops down from that vent (it is actually super dangerous to stand right below a vent since the spider might just jump right on top of you), then when there they start roaming again. If they see the player (direct line of sight) they try to charge him, within the confines of their current room, still giving the player a chance to escape. Personally it was based off of Mr. X from Resident Evil 2 and the way he is constantly searching around to get you in the police station, but with the sci-fi setting it might definetly be closer to Alien: Isolation now you say it!

I'll keep a pause menu in mind for future jam games! I sadly only have one monitor, I did not realize Unity didn't bind the mouse to the screen. I'll see how this is done and try to implement it with what little time I have left! Thank you for you feedback and I am super glad you think the game is rad :D

Thank you so much! I haven't tried a webgl build, but I might see if it'll run ^^ 

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Thanks again for bringing it to my attention! I wish I did have the time, but that's the nature of a game jam. Thanks again for playing and testing!

EDIT: Accidentally hit the delete button on my previous reply instead of edit >.> oops