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Hi there! I know you didn't do this on purpose, but please be careful about spoiling others. In our Discord we have a channel to discuss stuff about chapters 2 and 3:

Thank you so much! The "Password Protected" sidequest is only available inside the first dungeon of chapter 2.

I'll take a look at that bug you mentioned about the "Lost Key" sidequest, because that definitely sounds like a bug. The quest completed notification usually pops up as soon as you open the door (which means it could be misseable since it shows up during the transition). Inside the pause menu, does that quest show it's 100% completed?

In any case, thank you so much for taking the time to report it! Hope you have a great day!

We do have a linux version planned, but it will probably come after our full release since our game is still in development and unfortunately we don't have too many Linux testers to make sure it is working as intended.

Thanks for your kind words! We would love to release the game on a console, but we can't while it is on early access. We definitely want to look into doing a Switch port, and maybe other consoles, but we won't be able to confirm it until we are 100% sure we can make it (we are based in Chile, so there might be some barriers).

For now, we've been making sure our build is compatible, so the port itself shouldn't be that troublesome. We'll still try our best, we would love to see our game on consoles ♥!

Our apologies, it's not the full game (we are still working on it), but this key will grant you access to all the chapters when they are ready.

Hi there, and sSorry for taking so long to reply.

Itchio benefits us more (it's the same for most developers), and you still get a Steam key if you purchase it from here.

Thanks a lot! I'll admit I have only watched Gundam Wing (and it was one of the first series I ever obsessed with, haha) but most of my favorite series feature mechas, they tend to have an interesting take on war and how it affects the civilians and the soldiers alike.

Hi there! If money wasn't an issue I'd make them for free, but the development itself is being funded with the sales. We hope you understand.

Aww, thank you so much!

Ooh, sorry, for some reason I don't get notifications on itchio, but we are still working on it! At the beginning of the month, we posted this progress report, with lots of new screenshots:
We are more active on Twitter ( and Tumblr ( We update them a couple of times a month.

Hi there! We have a DRM-free version of the current build for our backers, but we highly encourage to get the Steam version since the game is still being developed. We'll add a DRM-free version after the full release.

Since you bought it through Humble Bundle (and the same would apply to everyone who bought it through itchio), we can add the DRM-free version to the package, so you'll be able to get it if you look at your purchases, without any additional cost.

Hi there! Thank you so much for the compliments, that's really nice of you!

We'll be including the fixes to these spelling mistakes/morale bugs in our next update (we are currently working on adding controller support/key remapping, among other things). We definitely want to raise Rourke's base speed and add an actual running animation, so that's on our to-do list.

Once again, thank you so much for taking the time to report these bugs, we hope to have the next update soon!

Ah, that's the OSX version of the old 2016 prototype demo! We are still working on the OSX version of the actual release, sorry for the inconvenience.

Sorry for taking so long to reply! We are working on it, and also on controller support and key remapping. We'll make an announcement as soon as it is ready!

Wow, thank you!! We are so glad to hear you enjoyed it that much, it means a lot!

Aww, thank you so much!

Hi there! We are not actively distributing the prototype demo anymore as it isn't a good representation of what the game looks like today, but if you want to try it anyway, you can download it from here:

Hi there! Thank you so much for taking the time to give us feedback.
- We agree with the base walking speed being a bit slow, and we are working on that (which will speed up the "running" speed as well).
- Regarding the use of the cancel key to continue and allowing the up and down button go all the way around: That's a very good point, as this happened to us as we were testing the game as well.

Thanks for reporting the performance issue, we will look into it! (And yes, I'm a fan of CrossCode, I can't wait for the full release)

Wow, thank you so much, we are glad you feel that way! Don't hesitate to ask if you need help as a fellow creator!

Awww, thank yoooou! We can't wait to release it either, haha ♥

Wow, thank you so much! I'm so happy to hear that!

Fourteen years ago the first concepts of the game were born, two years ago we released our prototype demo and had a successful crowdfunding campaign, and now, this March 28th at 6pm (PDT), we will be releasing Long Gone Days in Early Access!

Long Gone Days is a modern-day story-driven RPG featuring real countries, with a focus on language barriers and communication. Take the role of a deserter trying to prevent the imminent war that's coming for us.

What is included in this Early Access:

  • About 3~4 hours of story
  • The first 4 party members
  • First time using interpreters
  • Sidequests
  • For those who played the demo, while the plot remains the same, everything seen in the prototype demo has been revamped with nicer graphics and improved dialogues (plus now you’ll have three times as much content as before).

Long Gone Days is a game that has benefited greatly from players’ feedback, so we also want to thank everyone who has taken the time to leave comments during all this time! Thanks for your support, everyone!

Aww, thank yooou, we can't wait either \o/!

Hi goodra! Thanks for your feedback. I'm glad to hear that, because it means we are on a good track. We have modified the intro of the game to have more action at first, since it starts a bit slow until you get to the mission. This way, there is no longer a need to make tutorials (I wasn't too happy with that shooting range training scene to be honest, haha). The game has changed quite a bit now thanks to all the feedback, I really, really like how the progression looks now!

Thank you very much for your kind words!

Sorry for taking so long to reply! The fact that you still think about the game even though the demo came out a year ago makes me so happy!! Thank you so much for taking the time to write about this, it really means a lot ♥

We hope to localize the game into different languages, since that's one of the main themes in the game, but I can't confirm any languages yet. Thank you once again for your support, have an amazing day!

Thank you so much! We are so glad to hear you enjoyed the demo, thanks for recording a Let's Play of it! And don't worry about calling it "Long Days Gone", that happens all the time, haha.

Have a great day!

Hi there! This is the first time I have heard about the data files being gone after an unexpected shutdown. Do you mean the saves are gone? If the game closes unexpectedly, it is usually related to not having enough free memory left. Since we are working on Unity instead of RPG Maker now, the requirements are lower as it's better optimized.

I used to love Fullmetal Alchemist back in the '00s, so I could have subconsciously got some inspiration from it, haha. Thank you, and sorry for the inconvenience.

Whoa! Thank you so much for taking the time to do a Let's Play :D!

Hi there! The game is meant to be played with a keyboard or a controller, but not with a mouse.

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Hi Yakuza! Thanks for your comment. We have a folder with all the fanarts we have received so far here: so you can see them in higher resolution. (If you want to use them for something, remember to ask the artists first please ♥)

Sorry for the awfully late reply! Thank you so much for your comment, we're so glad you enjoyed the demo and liked the characters ♥!

Thank you so much for your kind words, it's really nice to hear that! We can't wait to release the full game either!

Aww, I'm glad to hear that, thanks :D!

Aww, thank you! If they ever do, I hope there's a filler episode about the characters going to the beach/hot springs (?)

Whoa, thank you so much, it means a lot that you feel that way about it.

Thank you for recording a Let's Play, I'm glad you enjoyed the demo!

Sorry for taking so long to reply. The game is scheduled for Q1 2018.

Aww, thank you! The game has been fully funded, so there's no rush to buy the perks. I appreciate the thought anyway!

If we do, by all means we will update the demo.

Hi there! I'm really sorry for the inconvenience. There's currently an issue with El Capitan, but we're looking into it!

Thank you so much, it really means a lot to hear that