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Ronin communityCreated a new topic Making MacOSX app
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Assuming Ronin is downloaded and extracted to ~/Downloads/ronin-main
See for details

sudo gem install macgap
mkdir ~/tmp
cd ~/tmp
macgap new Ronin
cp ~/Downloads/ronin-main/index.html Ronin/
macgap build Ronin
open ./

So I upgraded my laptop to Catalina, downloaded latest version and it didn't work.

Luckily the fix is easy, turned out the executable inside Contents/MacOS didn't have "execute" attribute. 

Just open terminal and run "chmod +x 


Nice catch! It's working now!

Interestingly enough the download link still shows  Jul 16, 2017.

Anyways, thanks a lot!

The download links I see still show Jul 16, 2017, do I need to look somewhere else for 1.4.2 ?

Tried to download again, still crashing 馃槥


Just bought Sol Trader today, unfortunately the version from is crashing all the time during startup. Tried Steam version and it runs just fine.

Is it possible to fix it here?


I actually did, works perfect!

Now I wonder what鈥檚 next on your roadmap 馃檪

Wow, that was fast!

Perfect timing for a great end of a weekend 馃檪

Many thanks!

Great news, can't wait to get it!

I don't know why mac is so unpopular in your case, maybe you should try to release it on steam or gog...

Anyways, I'm excited (:

Masteroid communityCreated a new topic 0.12+ for OSX
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First of all - thanks for the great game! I've been looking for something like this for a long time and I think I finally found it.

Unfortunately, I found out that you dropped OSX support after I made a purchase, and you did a lot of improvements in the last version, to the level I'd say 0.12 is a different game.

I know you probably been asked this question many times before, but is there any chance of releasing 0.12 for OSX? Since 0.10 is already a cross-platform, I'd guess it shouldn't be that big of a problem to make an OSX build. I know you don't have Mac anymore, but maybe you can borrow it for some time from some of your friends? (:

There aren't that many good games for Mac and I hope you'll find a way to continue OSX version development, as well as adding more features.