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Mine, explore and conquer in this atmospheric space experience! 路 By profexorgeek

0.12+ for OSX

A topic by kwark created Mar 23, 2019 Views: 302 Replies: 6
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First of all - thanks for the great game! I've been looking for something like this for a long time and I think I finally found it.

Unfortunately, I found out that you dropped OSX support after I made a purchase, and you did a lot of improvements in the last version, to the level I'd say 0.12 is a different game.

I know you probably been asked this question many times before, but is there any chance of releasing 0.12 for OSX? Since 0.10 is already a cross-platform, I'd guess it shouldn't be that big of a problem to make an OSX build. I know you don't have Mac anymore, but maybe you can borrow it for some time from some of your friends? (:

There aren't that many good games for Mac and I hope you'll find a way to continue OSX version development, as well as adding more features.


Hi kwark, thanks for buying the game! I actually just got a used Mac Book Pro two weeks ago so I at least have the ability to create a Mac build again. I actually don't get asked about Mac much. Since launch, the game has only been downloaded for Mac a few times, which was a big part of the reason I stopped creating builds.

But I will create a 0.12 Mac build now that I have the ability :)

There were a LOT of changes between 0.10 and 0.12 that haven't been tested at all. It may be a few weeks before I have the time to get the Mac set up to build (this is non-trivial), build the newest version of the game, test it and publish it.

Thanks for buying the game and for your patience. I'll get you a build!

Great news, can't wait to get it!

I don't know why mac is so unpopular in your case, maybe you should try to release it on steam or gog...

Anyways, I'm excited (:


I have good news: I had a little time yesterday afternoon and today. I got a Mac build working and made it available for download. Two caveats:

  • I have not had much time to test so let me know if you run into any major bugs
  • Version v0.10 and v0.12 have incompatible save formats. This is because v0.10 had hand made levels that shipped with the game. The new game has entirely procedurally-generated levels so you can have multiple save files with randomly-generated sectors. Also all of the ships and weapons are "new" (some of the art is the same but all the stats are updated) in v0.12.

I hope you enjoy the updates.

Regarding Mac popularity, here's just a fun stat. In all of 2018 people played Masteroid about 700 times. 24 of those gameplays were Mac versions and some of those were my own tests. In general Masteroid has a tiny player base and an even smaller Mac player base. But I'm glad that some people are enjoying it either way :)

Wow, that was fast!

Perfect timing for a great end of a weekend 馃檪

Many thanks!


Hi kwark,

Was just wondering if you got a chance to play the build and if everything was working okay for you!

I actually did, works perfect!

Now I wonder what鈥檚 next on your roadmap 馃檪