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I have good news: I had a little time yesterday afternoon and today. I got a Mac build working and made it available for download. Two caveats:

  • I have not had much time to test so let me know if you run into any major bugs
  • Version v0.10 and v0.12 have incompatible save formats. This is because v0.10 had hand made levels that shipped with the game. The new game has entirely procedurally-generated levels so you can have multiple save files with randomly-generated sectors. Also all of the ships and weapons are "new" (some of the art is the same but all the stats are updated) in v0.12.

I hope you enjoy the updates.

Regarding Mac popularity, here's just a fun stat. In all of 2018 people played Masteroid about 700 times. 24 of those gameplays were Mac versions and some of those were my own tests. In general Masteroid has a tiny player base and an even smaller Mac player base. But I'm glad that some people are enjoying it either way :)