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Created a new topic v0.5.0 Bug Reports

This is the place to report any issues you discover in version v0.5.0. Please provide screenshots and platform (Mac or PC) if possible so I can fix bugs quickly!

Thanks for reporting! When you buy a ship the game automatically sells your existing ship and applies that credit towards the new ship. The ship you start with in the game is the Fork so you are actually selling your old Fork and buying a new one, losing the difference each time :(

As you noticed, the real bug here is that I'm not making it clear what your current ship is (which also is tough when buying weapons).

I hope to overhaul all of the game UI to be far more functional based on player feedback, as well as prettier to fit into the game better. The UI is "programmer art" at the moment and is missing some important components.

I have logged your issue, thanks for playing!

Created a new topic v0.4.0 Bug Reports

This is the place to post any issues you have with the 0.4.0 build so I can fix them! Happy playing.

Created a new topic v0.3.0 Bug Reports

Got a problem? This is the place to post it! I'll try to respond as quickly as possible!

Created a new topic v0.2.0 Bug Reports

Have problems or questions with this release? Post them here!

Created a new topic v0.1.3 Bug Reports

Version 0.1.3 is now live. Please post any issues you encounter here. Screenshots are super helpful and it may be useful to check out our Troubleshooting Guide before posting!

Created a new topic v0.1.2 Bug Reports

Version 0.1.2 is now live. Please post any issues you encounter here. Screenshots are super helpful and it may be useful to check out our Troubleshooting Guide before posting!

I think the fullscreen issue you're having is because the game isn't actually in full screen. I think it's running windowed at 1080p. If you want to, you can try editing Masteroid.exe.config and set the resolution values to your screen resolution. Then change the fullscreen setting to "True". That should improve that aspect of it. I'm working on a more robust settings screen that lets you set resolution, change volume of sound and music and more but for now it's a bit hacky.

There is a known bug with the ship menu. It's not actually the font itself, it's an issue with how the fonts are rendering. I've been working on diagnosing that and hope to fix it for the next release.

I'm torn on zoom. Technically it's easy to implement that. But, I'm doing some render tricks that take advantage of multi-sampling to give the background more texture. When you zoom in (I have had zoom enabled at various times during dev) the multi-sampling makes your ship look blurry and generally not good :-/

The ringing sound DOES get annoying! Especially when several ships collect resources at once. The multiple layering of the same sound makes the volume way too high. I'm working on improving this in general and may indeed turn off that sound effect for non-player ships.

Thanks for your feedback! I don't have a specific date but I'm trying to address a number of these bugs in the next build!

Thanks for the note! I noticed this happen a few times when I was playtesting last weekend. I think I know why it's happening. I logged the bug and will try to get a fix in place for the next release!

Created a new topic v0.1.1 Bug Reports

Hi all, I'm really excited to have released the first build. If you have any issues playing the game, please report them here.

It would be helpful if you check my troubleshooting page before posting!