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Sol Trader

Lean on your network of in-game friends and family to trade, mine and explore in this genre-busting space simulation. · By Chris Parsons

MacOS Mojave: Sol Trader is crashing on startup

A topic by kwark created Aug 01, 2019 Views: 87 Replies: 8
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Just bought Sol Trader today, unfortunately the version from is crashing all the time during startup. Tried Steam version and it runs just fine.

Is it possible to fix it here?



Apologies for the trouble! The version is slightly older than the Steam version. I'm planning on updating it next week.


And thanks very much for supporting my game!


Ok - 1.4.2 is now available for download on Itch! Please let me know if that works ok!

The download links I see still show Jul 16, 2017, do I need to look somewhere else for 1.4.2 ?

Tried to download again, still crashing 😞


Hmm - they should have been updated -- I'll check.


I found an issue with Mojave - it only allows a ridiculously small number of files to be open at once by default (256). It's hard to spot because Steam (and Xcode) both up that number before launching, so it works fine. I've now upped the number in code, so it should all be working. Please try again and let me know if you have more problems!

Nice catch! It's working now!

Interestingly enough the download link still shows  Jul 16, 2017.

Anyways, thanks a lot!


Yeah - I just updated the files underneath the link. Probably should reset those dates. Glad it's working - hope you enjoy the game!