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hey and thanks for asking! unfortunately i'm not good at both gba development and explaining things at all, so i can only advise to check out the gbadev forum or discord server's #graphics channel and ask around there, or see if the getting started guide on has some useful info. i will, however, say that displaying full color images on gba screen does require a decent amount of programming sorcery and, depending on the engine/gba display mode of your choice, reducing palette color count (and possibly tile count) before importing is the general way to go for graphical assets.

best of luck with your gba vn, looking forward to see what you're working on!

thank you!! hope you'll enjoy the art just as much in the eventually upcoming demo updates c:

Great job on making this, loved the simplistic and fun concept of infinite randomized puzzles, as well as the visual presentation! There's something quite satisfying about seeing the squares spin around after solving a puzzle c:

(also a bit late but thanks for your nice comment on my game!)

Oh hey, thanks so much for your nice and encouraging comment! 💚 (and what perfect timing, just as I was about to follow you for BugTris updates c':) 

Really appreciate your detailed feedback on Kvalligraphy, I'll definitely try and experiment with the glyphs to make them look more recognizable and different from what I usually write on paper. I've actually wanted to update the variable width font versions since the release of notenogram, so I'm not planning to stop working on the font for now.

Feel free to go ahead and use the raw font version for your projects however you want, looking forward to anything you make with it! 

please do not feel like you have to apologize for your creative choices, as making players feel different emotions is an integral part of any story-centered game and also something that i personally really enjoy about games in general!

thank you for sharing this story with the world!

thanks for the feedback and kudos to you for using thorn!

here's my opinion on this as someone who grew up reading books more than watching cartoons - yes, screw disney and their winnie the pooh adaptation, a.a. milne FTW

but seriously, this is a great bittersweet novel with incredibly good writing and cute illustrations, this IS the good stuff! i've seen all its endings and i truly felt like a bad person about the worse ones c':

thanks for the font feedback, and yes, i am planning to add more puzzles and custom puzzle slots soon, as well as maybe set up a server for exchanging custom puzzle saves should i have the means!

for now i'd like to suggest you renaming various files under 64kbits in size to "notenogram_jam.sav" and seeing what custom puzzles they produce c':

thank you for the detailed feedback, really appreciate it! (especially on the font, since i worried many people would have problems reading it)

as a matter of fact, there are hints in the game, though they only activate when coloring a wrong square, just pay attention to the upper left side of the screen c:

woah, your guess is pretty much spot on! initially i thought i did a very poor job in trying to represent various aspects of development for the gameboy advance through the characters, especially considering gba doesn't have a dedicated gpu, but i'm really glad someone pointed this out! thank you so much for your kind words!! 💕

(as for the point of the game, it's much less of a ddlc reminder and more of "what if i put my already existing characters in a suzumiya haruhi meets mean girls's mathletes kind of setting and make it a vn", haha)

thank you!! 💕

(i'll admit i had a tiny bit of a struggle with fitting mainly because the portraits were originally drawn at 320x240 resolution in flipnote studio 3d c':)

thank you for your insight! i agree with what you said about text (it looks fine when enlarging the emulator's screen, though), which is why i already have plans for remaking everything related to text output for the post-jam release when i find some free time to work on that.

thank you!! 💖

the confusion is totally understandable given the lack of proper context i failed to provide with my story c': thank you for your comment, i appreciate it!!

thank you so much for your comment!! and yes, i definitely don't mind my game being added to the readme, i feel honored even!