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Thanks! We ran into some massive issues with our team and basically with only four days to go had to start from scratch so The Ward as it is now is a skeleton of what we'd really like to do with it. We appreciate you taking the time to play it though and we definitely plan to keep working on it.

Thanks for trying our game out! We appreciate it. Planning on fixing up all the bugs and pushing out a big update now that we've got more time. 

Hi there! I'm a composer for screen media with tons of experience being hired for a huge variety of directors and production teams. Mainly, I work in film, but I am looking to expand into video games as they are such a large passion in my life. I'm used to hard deadlines and working diligently while still making sure everything I produce is of the highest quality and with my own special touch. For more detailed information, I'd love for you to either check out my profile or email me at

Below I'll link my most recent work to give you something to listen to here, including my film-scoring showreel.  I encourage you peruse my Beat Cypher Collection for a large variety of compositional styles and themes inspired by video game scores and more slightly abstract concepts.

I have also attached at the end a recording of one of my performances on the piano which displays my more traditional level of musicianship in an original composition with live players. 

If you are interested by what you hear below and would like to either hire me for your project or just talk a little bit about composition and what to expect when hiring a paid composer for your project I am always available for simple conversation. 

Thanks a bunch for reading and good luck on your project, GameDev.

Filmscoring Showreel:

Beat Cypher Collection: (Making a new piece every week with a hard deadline while adhering to a strict brief for each track)

Beat-Cypher Collection 2:

Live Performance: