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Hello! Thanks for playing! Tab to complete should be working, is it not? You can also press the up and down arrow to cycle through previous commands you've used.

Thanks so much! It's funny, when I'm making a puzzle, the whole time I'm worried like "It's gonna be so easy to figure out" but then it ends up being so hard. I guess I have an advantage because I made it 😂. I really appreciate you taking so much time to play it!! I'll definitely give your game a try tomorrow. 

Wow, this game was great! It took me a couple tries but I became the Pong Champ! I could not for the life of me properly aim my paddle myself though so I enlisted the help of my partner to aim while I moved the paddle. We were like "Oh, what does the white block do?" and then grabbed it and were like "Oh noooo!" Anyway, this is really polished and fun. Great work.

SO MUCH FUN! My partner and I sat here playing and cackling - Portal Frenzy was definitely the best version, it was so silly and so fun. Really great work.

This one was silly, I liked it! At first I thought my goal was to escape the playing area (yeah yeah, I didn't read the instructions, lol) but then when I accidentally stayed for a while (I tried to leave but I kept failing!) I realized that the score in the background was the number of paddle hits I got! And then for some reason it got way harder for me for some reason. Anyway, I think there's a lot of potential for variants here - let someone else play the pong paddles and you play the ball trying to escape, for example. Really cool game!

This was fun! We tried it and were immediately really impressed with the level of polish and the interesting new mechanics. We kept getting a bit frustrated when we were SO SURE we timed the hit properly and it just... didn't work. And it was also really funny when we both tried to use our super hit and just totally missed it, lol. I think with a bit of rebalancing (maybe paddles a bit bigger, or a more forgiving window for timing the hit) this could be a really fun game, I'd totally play it with my partner again. Great work!

This is the best one I've played so far! The new mechanics introduced were challenging but the game was pretty forgiving in that I didn't have to start again from the beginning if I lost. Especially the ones mirroring my movement were really cool opponents. Great work.

This was a fun game! I liked that the ball bounced when it hit the zombies. I got into trouble once when I tried to hit the ball from my left-hand side... it didn't work! But this is a really creative entry, good work! :)

Thank you so much! That means a lot, I know my game is long and involved so I really appreciate you playing it all the way through. <3

That's the highest compliment one can pay. :D

I love it too! A lot of my games were made in weekend jams so I really enjoyed being able to add some polish to this longer game jam's game as well. (your polish is much polishier than mine though 😂)

This was really fun! I was confused at first about what I was supposed to do, but then I realized that the star was the target (duh). Really cool mechanic with upgrading the cards, too. And it's so polished, which a lot of jam games lack. Great work. :)

I haven't played this yet, I just needed to tell you that the thumbnail looks like the game is called "HOTGUY HONEY" lolol which TBH is why it caught my eye

I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH! Seriously so fun, check out my cool movie collection. Def my favorite game I've played so far. The music was great too. So creative, all of it.  It took me a while to get the hang of it but then I was like, eagerly awaiting the critic reviews.

Were you able to figure out how to finish?

HAH this is amazing. So creative and silly and I thought my hand was gonna fall off. The art is also beautiful. Great work.

This is such a clever stealth puzzle game! It's so hard but it feels polished. The one piece of feedback I have is that I kept forgetting when to use space and when to use E, so I kept accidentally doing the wrong thing. I guess that isn't necessarily feedback, because I'm not sure what else you would do... lol. Anyway, great work!

OOF this is so hard! I made it to the end of level 1 and then it said "end of demo" - but then I went down into area 2 and got murdered! The butler's lil outfit is so adorable though, I like the art and the vibe.

Super interesting idea to remove the ability to jump - it made the platforming more of a puzzle than anything else, which I tend to like more. The art feels really polished albeit simple, and the music loops really well. Good work!

This was fun! I really liked that the wheat flew forward in the level so getting a "point" took several steps. Very creative.

I'm so glad you like it! The suggestions should help. "open pink desk drawer" or purple, or left, or right, instead of pink. Good luck!! :) 

This was a cute little game! I love Myst-inspired games so this one was really fun for me. :-)

Ah ok! I was trying to make rows of them and was confused about why they weren't going together. I'll give this another try tomorrow!

I am not sure if you know, but your game isn't showing up as available. Do you have any instructions for how we might play it?

The art in here is beautiful! I didn't actually notice any glitches while I was playing (like the last reviewer wrote). I was a bit confused about what to do with the tree shaking until I saw the bar moving up on the side. Anyway, I loved the mood of this game, it made me want to play it more and get to know the characters more. Great work!

Okay! I played through it! I really liked the addition of the guy heckling me as I solved the puzzles. The puzzles themselves were well-made, the approach to solving them was clear but not so clear that it was super easy. This is a really solid room escape, especially given the time limitations of the jam. Great job!

lol, spoke too soon. I just saw the link on the page itself to play. I'm goin' in!

Hello! I am so eager to play this game - escape games are my favorite genre. But, I seem to be unable to play, even when downloading both files, I just get this message. Any tips?

Wonderful aesthetic! I found the directional movement super difficult, I was like, "Okay, that monster is over to my left, ah crap, I mean up? Wait, now which way?" Despite the difficulty with directions, the actual movement itself felt really good. I liked the dialogue, too. Was there actually anything for me to do during the daytime except for talk to Toki? I was looking for customers for a while and couldn't find any. Anyway, great music, sound effects, and art. I'd totally work more on this game if I were y'all!

Wow, this is your first game?? I loved it. The way you had to solve each level was super clever. I giggled when I just lifted up my character on top of a box in order to reach something up high, and a couple of the puzzles I was like "OH MAN REALLY?" A game doesn't have to be aesthetically super impressive or whatever to be a good game. It's way harder, IMO, to make a clever puzzle game like this. Great work, honestly!

I love the artwork! And I am, in real life, very practiced in the art of running away from bees. :D But squirrel-me is not as good at it. Agree with some of the other feedback that the platforms could stick out a bit more, and sometimes I'd catch the edge of a mushroom or small bush and it wouldn't "give it to me" which was a bit frustrating. But overall, I think this is really well-made and controls well, especially for a jam game. Great work!

This game is remarkably polished! I loved it so so much... until the gopher sinkhole section which almost made me ragequit. The end was mostly worth it, but I have never swore so much at a game jam game... lolol

But anyway. The art was beautiful, the music was perfect, and Stanley was a wonderful host. Overall this is definitely one of the best jam games I've played thus far. Just... UGH those gophers!

I don't want to leave a rating on this game yet because I can't figure out how to play. Could you please include some info about the goal of the game? The "About" button on the title screen doesn't seem to work. Thank you!

Wow, this is a great puzzle game, especially for a short game jam. The "tutorial" levels are really well-designed and the number of mechanics implemented was impressive. My one bit of feedback is that sometimes it's easy to miss a pumpkin, even when you're right next to it. Perhaps not allowing the player to use energy unless there's a pumpkin to use it on could help to avoid the frustration of almost beating a more difficult level and then needing to start again from the beginning. Aside from that small issue, this is really good!

Thank you! I appreciate the feedback. :)

I legitimately loved this. The art was super simple yet very easy to understand, the sound effects were relaxing, and I was not expecting to be sent to several different places! I would totally play a low-key "clean up stuff as a ghost" game for much longer.

Really impressive! Had a good vibe, and the first time I got hit with some garbage the sound definitely made me laugh. It'd be cool if there were a countdown so you knew how many candies were left, I wasn't sure if there was an ending or not (but then I found them all, so!). I liked the music a lot, too.

This was such a cute little game! I was REALLY bad at it, I think maybe it'd be helpful to know which keys I'd be using in advance (maybe you showed and I just missed it), because I was like, "Okay cool, arrow keys" and then "OH CRAP WHERE IS MY ALT BUTTON!" lol. But overall this was very cozy, original, and clever.

Thanks for letting us know - we fixed it so you should be good to go!