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Cute dino. Good luck finishing this, I could see this going good directions. :)

Couldn't run the game (game.install.could_not_launch (game.install.no_executables_found)), mac OS twitch desktop app. :(

I can see some nodes of interesting stuff here, but the connections between them are weak and the writing really needs to calm down and lose maybe 15% of the word-count.

A card game is a neat format for this! The game instructions need a little work, but I feel like there's a nice 5-minute game in there.

This feels like a game that got really cramped by the time limit. I nodded along with the plot and then went "that's it?" at what seemed to be the end. Congrats on your first game, though — you made a coherent thing with a beginning, middle, and end. Good job. :)

I'm finding the story both charming at face value and also fun in how I get to play connect-the-dots from story to 2003 MUCKs. Good job. :)

Made some underwear, walked around. Game lives up to its claims.

Very "Destroy All Rational Thought"-æsthetic. Disjointed and barely coherent. I'm going to chalk it up to surrealism that I'm not grokking.

Errored out on launch for me: "game.install.could_not_launch (game.install.no_executables_found)" (macOS, installed+launched through the itch•io desktop app).

Errored out on launch for me: "game.install.could_not_launch (game.install.no_executables_found)" (macOS, installed+launched through the itch•io desktop app).

I dig that I was able to take a decent guess about what the characters are like even though I've never played any Ace Attorney games. Also I like your safeword/skip-this-scene mechanic; if I have time I'm definitely going to replace the one I have with a persistent button like this game has. One thing I think is a failing — the music/audio cues are, to my ear, kind of overbearing and loud. The whole time I was playing, I was thinking, "could the audio just chill out and let the game stand on its own?"

Liking the indirect world-building quite a bit. Your prose has a couple of rough edges but does a good job overall.

Cavorting with sneks is a good place to be. I like the rhythm that the shopping segment sets up — the back-and-forth makes it easier to not get overloaded on the waves. It would be good to have an out-of-game reference for the keys/moves, though, or to be able to pause and look at them.

There's a lot of room for fun stuff with potions and scrolls, but I had a hard time finding that stuff because I ran into the crash-on-item-pickup problem a few too many times. Good luck refining this. :)

Every time the narrator/protagonist spoke, they sounded like they were about to cry. :( But it was still hard to care about them? I can see something interesting coming from this islands-in-the-dark kind of setup, but that protagonist just fell flat for me.

This is a gleefully unsubtle game, and I dig that it's so clear on its own mission. I also dig that it's bite-sized: it knows how big the concept is, executes on that, and declines to stretch it out.

This was soothing to play. I like its æsthetic: pastel and quiet and low-key. Also the meows made an embodied-world cat nearby come and inspect my laptop in confusion.

I'm charmed by fox's adventures, shenanigans, and mishaps. It's nice fiddly puzzle-platforming and also foxes getting turned into things, which I strongly approve of. Nicely done.

The critter is definitely cute and colorful. Could use some explanation of what kinds of interaction are possible? I clicked around in an exploratory way and didn't feel like I was able to find the full range of ways it was possible to color the critter.

Thanks Eevee! This jam got me from "idly poking at a thing" to "I guess I'm making a game now," it was awesome. :)