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Thanks to everyone who participated! Sticky

A topic by eevee created Mar 02, 2017 Views: 232 Replies: 10
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I know I've been mostly AWOL working on my own game, neglecting my Jam Coordinator duties — whatever those are? — but thank you for making something! I'm overwhelmed by the number of games that exist just because of my silly little jam idea.

I'm going to make an effort to play every game, though I expect it'll take me a while, and I don't know what form the feedback will take, yet. Last jam I made a single massive Twitter thread and it started to break down towards the end. Also I'm never sure if I should comment on the jam submission page or the game itself??

If you tried to make something but ran out of time: finish it anyway! Your effort still deserves to see the light of day!


Many thanks to you for organizing this little event! It was fun to participate and I'll definitely see about participating in the next one if there is, or just working on my own personal projects aimed at learning.


Thanks, eevee!


Thanks for running it! It was nice to have an excuse to be a bit self-indulgent on my first solo game in a long time. :)

Thank for this ^^.

Thanks eevee, it was a real pleasure to participate to this jam !

I think we get notified anyway, but commenting on the game page would be nice - people will see the game page well after the jam is over, I hope!

Thanks Eevee! This jam got me from "idly poking at a thing" to "I guess I'm making a game now," it was awesome. :)

Aw. You spoil me!

A funny Jam-Idea, eevee! :)

this jam was so gooood! thank you