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Oh, Mr. Nifflas, I'd like to play it so much. Alas, no Windows around atm :/ Is a Mac and/or HTML5 port coming maybe, perhaps, please?

Hi, I can't install this within the Itch client. Is this maybe caused by some faulty parameters? Thanks for taking a look!

Wanted to (also) play on Steam, bought it here, can now do both (:

Brilliant game idea and well executed! Loved the surprise when two animals mimic themselves :)

Will talk about the game in a radio piece soon!

You should really consider making this at least a bit bigger and also put it on Steam for a few bucks.

Very charming and fun little pinball adventure! Made it through the volcano once and almost a second time within my first play session ;) Controller support would be nice.

Well, just now the games do happen to show up! Maybe this just needed some time. The question concerning the library still remains though. Thanks!

I just upgraded the app from v23.6.3 to v25.4.0. The games that I have installed and are shown within the old app now don't show up anymore. Oddly, I also can't import them when I tell the app the directory where the games are installed.

Also, is there any way of adding (free) games to my library that I installed with the app? A tickbox of "Do you want to add this game to your library?" would suffice. I don't know why this still isn't implemented, but maybe I don't see it. Any help is appreciated!

This seems to be a stupid bug that I encountered with some other games as well. Kiana, that is the reason why I made my post here some months ago. The problem still exists, the itch app says "not available".

Looks neat, how do I play this?

Wonderful game, but please consider adding a color-blind mode. Sometimes I'm having trouble distinguishing colors (grey and dark green for example). Thanks!

Would appreciate a feature that let's you "own" free games (so you can see them in your collection) and when they become paid versions, you could maybe grey them out and be like "If you want to continue owning this game, please pay its price to support the developer."