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Importing a library and edititing it

A topic by kressenstein created Jan 27, 2019 Views: 101 Replies: 1
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I just upgraded the app from v23.6.3 to v25.4.0. The games that I have installed and are shown within the old app now don't show up anymore. Oddly, I also can't import them when I tell the app the directory where the games are installed.

Also, is there any way of adding (free) games to my library that I installed with the app? A tickbox of "Do you want to add this game to your library?" would suffice. I don't know why this still isn't implemented, but maybe I don't see it. Any help is appreciated!

Well, just now the games do happen to show up! Maybe this just needed some time. The question concerning the library still remains though. Thanks!

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