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Made me think a lot of Assessment Examination, another game heavily inspired by the Mandela Catalogue. I love this kind of horror that aims to make you more uncomfortable rather than just jumpscare you, I liked it.

Very stressful in the dark, had a lot of fun with it.

I liked the overall story of the game, and how you end up learning more as you progress through the different endings. 

With regards to improvement:

The segment where you are collecting food items while avoiding the stones can get tiresome considering how long it is. Either having this segment be shorter or having the playtester do different things along this path would make it a bit more interesting. One side note is that sometimes, even when not directly under the stone, you can still get flattened if you are too close to the side of the stone.

When playing hide and seek with the fish, having a randomized order would probably be a bit better. However, considering how many of the endings are accessed by doing the hide and seek game, I can see why it'd be good to keep the door order the same.

Similar to someone else's point, having the cloud creature do a quick jumpscare if it catches you would be good for some tension. I did run into a bug where it seems to have caught me, but I couldn't access the doors, and I had to "skip" the minigame. There also could've been another ending if the cloud creature gets you.

Overall, I enjoyed the game. Getting additional bits of the story through the multiple endings adds incentive to actually try and achieve multiple endings, and I was interested in the story as well. Thanks for letting me know about your game.

Ended up being quite creepy and unsettling overall. Typing Wanker ended up being quite the unexpected surprise.


Really liked the world this game is in. It encouraged me to watch the webseries, which I enjoyed a lot.

A fun short home invasion game. I'd say this game could use crouch, since you can't really run away. 

Fun and interesting story. Nice job.

One of the only Slender games I've played, and overall it was pretty fun. I liked the atmosphere and visual design a lot.

I did encounter an issue where I couldn't reload my flashlight's battery. I kept pressing R while holding my flashlight, which was specified as reload in controls, but the flashlight simply wouldn't change batteries.

One other personal criticism/suggestion I have is regarding the sound that Slenderman makes when attacking. For me, when I heard the sound he made, I laughed because I knew instantly where it was from and it broke the immersion. In general the sound doesn't really fit the character in my opinion, but it's just something I noticed.

Aside from that though, I enjoyed Part One, and can't wait to check out when the game's updated.

This game was pretty stressful to play, nice work.

Very unsettling, I have to try out this update soon though.

Puppets and Survival Horror is quite the funny combo, can't wait for the full game.

Nice puzzle game, watching some of the videos makes me a little tense anticipating whether a jump scare happens or not.

Very cool concept, reminds me of games like Sara is Missing and Simulacra, but also has that Welcome to the Game vibe. Definitely not a game design that you see every day. It'd be cool to see this world get expanded further.

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The game's visual and audio design was very good and accurately portrayed what liminal spaces are meant to be like in my opinion. As someone who didn't really understand liminal spaces before playing, the game portrayed the concept convincingly.  I think it's pretty difficult to pull off a game that's meant to make you uncomfortable or scared without the use of jumpscares, and you managed to pull it off as the setting got more off-putting as you progress through. I'm excited to see what else comes up in the final release of Anemoiapolis.

Visually, a very realistic interpretation of the Backrooms, it reminisced the found footage video very nicely, and overall captured what I think to be a very authentic idea of why the Backrooms is seen to be very unsettling. I can't wait to see how you expand your interpretation of the Backrooms. Hard to believe this only took you 7 days, can't wait to see your future work

Pretty good

A fun and interesting game, really liked the visual design.  My only criticisms would be that, considering the CAPS lock issue, that should be noted in the controls section when in-game. I know it's described in the main menu, it kind of went over my head and I got stuck trying to type for a bit. Other than that, it was still nicely designed, and I had fun. Looking forward to your other projects

Overall the game was a nice short experience. I liked the visual style and everything at the beginning felt pretty normal until changes in the subsequent nights started happening. Shifting the atmosphere near the end was a nice touch. In general, learning more about who we are, or why we're investigated would've been cool as well. 

I wasn't sure what to expect when I started to play this game, but I was rather surprised/impressed with its visuals and audio design, in general it kept me uncomfortable and tense. Story-wise, I liked how detailed it was, going from near the start of the journey, to the end, but with that comes an aspect of this game that could definitely be improved upon in any future projects. 

As I edited this, I realized how much of the video consisted of reading terminals. Similar to what the previous comment about this game, there are many ways to tell a story and it doesn't need to be presented in a readable manner all the time.  

Another improvement would be variation. This is with regards to the repetitive loop of getting crypto keys, reading terminals, opening doors, etc. This ties in with my previous point, since the story is solely delivered through terminals. Providing multiple ways of telling a story can open up different ways of designing how the game flows overall.  

One thing to keep in mind in general, that I found a bit difficult to deal with, would be the flashlight, which barely helps in-game. Especially regarding the setting the game takes place in, the flashlight felt like it didn't really match well, and I had to increase brightness in both my game, and while editing. 

However, despite these criticisms, I still really enjoyed the game, and am glad that I played it. Overall, it was a very enjoyable, and tense experience and it has me interested to see what other projects you make in the future. 

Kept me on edge with its atmosphere, especially with the audio.  Curious to see what else you do in the future. 

Game turned out to be funnier than I expected, but also scared me

Game overall was interesting and tense at times, curious to see how their future chapters pan out


This game kept me on edge throughout, overall I really enjoyed it.

This game ended up creeping me out way more than expected. Excited for its release next Spring