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Interesting way to punish players for the bullet spam. I felt like wanting more of that level 9 kind of challenge.

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You can update your Santa with some more info >write-santa.

Thanks! It's just that last night the invite link didn't work for some reason, so I thought it expired. I'm in now.

I spotted this jam a few hours too late. Shame, this is probably the most awesome jam idea I have seen in a while.

But is there any chance of matching up with some other latecomers? Or to get listed as a reserve or something?

Hello. Thought this jam would be a good opportunity to test run a .net library I started making recently and to get a better idea of what features it needs. I picked an oldschool 2D RPG tiles graphics style (with one-bit sprites asset) and wanted to do the engine from scratch using MonoGame, but upon realizing I have no experience in building a web build with MonoGame I went with Unity instead. I didn't want to use built-in 2D stuff, so there I was procedurally generating a 2D grid made of one mesh without joined vertices so each tile could update its graphics by manipulating the UV coordinates. Eventually, I was able to display letters and any other sprite I map from the sheet.

That describes Friday. Having realized that manipulating mesh's UVs is too slow (with this number of vertices), I now have to learn how to write a shader that does the same thing, in hopes that it will work faster. So I don't know if my submission will be done for the deadline, but at least there is some learning going on.

Addictive and pretty, but the way food works sucks the joy out of it.

Thank you very much for playing and kind words. Truth be told, with 30 minutes of gameplay you probably saw next to all, with this being a LD jam game and all. If you went through all the city locations in all the society types then that should be it, racial and supernatural ability variations just change parts of text a bit, except for the update where avians and serpentines are able to climb trees without a random outcome.

And yes, a textual procedural game can suck its developer in, as there is never a lack of details that can be added nor graphical resources to hinder you, so I do intend to keep adding stuff whenever I can, while improving the engine and interface. I guess the first goal should be to provide experience that makes each loop feel fresh. And then maybe one day even break out of the loop, and allow players to have a decent run in the alien world, hopefully I'll keep my sanity by then. Thanks again!

a, z, x.. too many buttons. And gems take forever to fall down, couldn't you made the ground higher or something? And what's up with me having to jump over all those spikes to prove myself a master gamer? These devs act like they don't want anyone to play their game!

It's endless. Can I borrow a pen? (251 coins)

Thanks for playing! Yep, if you are unlucky with rnd colors that background can be a real eyeburner, I couldn't think of a solution in time (that will also look good).

Thanks for playing!

Hi. My activity in Ludum Dares and jams used to be about 3D games where story is downplayed, but lately I find myself too lazy to code these things in such short time, while being more inspired to explore the story side of game making. A bit annoyed by how hard it is to achieve some more complex stuff in Twine, I started writing an interactive story engine during previous jam (Random WikiHow Jam) and I will use this jam to develop it further. The engine is by no means easier to use than Twine (no visual interface and everything is done in JS), but it allows me to make things the way I want them to be, using methods that I implement on the spot.

Not being a fan of interactive fiction that gives you miles of text to read, I try to keep paragraphs short and meaningful. Hopefully I will be inspired enough to finish a game during weekend (I already lost whole Friday) and I wish you all good luck and I hope enough people submit something.


Has some David Lynch feel to it.  2.wav is the best song!

I'm a bit sad that the flipping doesn't need to happen to get score, but if it was any different i'd be frustrated as making it flip is damn hard. Gj, kept me interested for few minutes.

Probably the best take on a theme in this whole jam.

Graphics is superb. The rest, doesn't really work for me or I'm looking at some temporarily glitched version. I could only build one type of machine, and it was barely making any money, most of the people were just crowding at entrance, which looked disturbing as none of them had any pants. That one machine was making next to no money compared to its cost. Then I found money cheats, but still I could build only one thing, or am I missing something? But very nice art and characters.

Original gameplay (as far as i know) was the strongest point, along with dog cuteness. But forcing me to use those pointy blocks is just criminal. Maybe I didn't practice enough, but as soon as you get a pointy one it means the game will be over in next 1-4 throws.

Its hard for me to play first person without inverse mouse Y but ok. Also I spent a bit trying to scrape that dot off my monitor, which turned out to be a crosshair :D  It is interesting that you have to read the article to figure out what to do. I am not sure if duck tape has a purpose or it just isn't clear that is worked, either way I thought I failed yet again and threw the bomb in frustration but it turned out I did it and it started smoking. Interesting, gj.

I like the collage and high visual spirit of this totally accurate guide. Good take on the theme.

Love it. It took me a bit of time to figure out that all curly lines are water. Skipping aquariums gives this game a mystical feel of switching between worlds.

Like the drawing style, robot is charming. Nice surreal touch, this game might have been a dream dreamt by someone who fell asleep while reading a WikiHow on feasibility studies.

I swear it took 20 minutes for my last guy to die. Sadly I failed to spot what the actual score was. It seems the speed up stops being applied after some level, and once you get used to three games it becomes almost impossible to lose, of course if you had time to do more games I'm sure it would all work out. Theme exploit deserves a high mark in my opinion. Very nice in overall, it was fun.

I enjoyed the situations and writing, it is up my ally. This entry had a strong feel of "i could play more".  Although you clearly ran out of time before getting to think of and implement the van story, mother's car is a good show of what could have been. 3D scenery works well. Very good game feel, average adherence to the theme, nice in overall, congrats on publishing this.

Graphics style and controls give it a good feel. It was enjoyable to play through, so high rating in game feel.  And you very much adhered to the theme.

Uploading what I got and calling it a day since it is 5 am here. This jam was a fun ride. I will do my best to comment back on your games.

Hello, can you post a link to the game's LD jam page? Can't find it anywhere.

Damn fine gameplay you made there, thats all I wanted to say, don't add a thing. Unless you're making a new game which is full blown RPG with elements from this one. In that case, please do add a backpack.