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Hi. No it is definitely not. We are little bit more choosy about which builds go on itch, but as we get closer to exiting Early Access on Steam, the itch build will also be updated with the latest version.

Thank you so much, and we love Itch!

Thank you for playing!


This is a known bug, which primarily have happened on linux for some reason. However, I believe we fixed it recently (in-house), so when the next update comes out, it should be fixed (crossing fingers). So happy you enjoy the game.

Oh that's gonna be difficult to promise you anything I am afraid. The settings are more for the speed of the card, not for the memory. Sorry, about that. 

Yes, you can. It requires a somewhat strong graphics card though, so we only officially support newer AMD and NVIDIA cards.

Oh, I am sorry to hear that. It is a dependency, that should have been automaticallly installed. I'll have a look at the install script tomorrow.

A new release is out. Please let me know how it works for you?

Hmm, it could be that the main shader fails compilation and the fallback path way has a bug. If you send me the logs, I'll have a look. Thank you for the very thorough report!

Hi Obigre,

Sorry about the wait, and thanks for reaching out.

I hope we'll have an itch update out within the week, but it may take a few more days. Since it has been so long in the making, we have been very careful with rolling out, but it seems mostly to have gone ok. So, for the next update, that is scheduled shortly, we'll make sure to update itch as well.



It is all saved in your preferences file, so it should still work with the next update. There is a file called userprefs.json in %localappdata%\Fugl (if you are on pc?). On Mac it will be in ~/Library/Application Support/com.Johan.Fugl-osx. Keep a backup of it, and you should be fine. Also, we should never overwrite it on purpose (unless its a bug!)

Thanks :). We hope you enjoy it

Part of the background and the reflections and refractions in the water are raytraced. The rest is just good ol' triangles. We may phase out some of the raytracing as we have a lot of people with less powerful machines that really love the game.

Fugl community · Posted in Bugs !

Hey. Here is fine too. So up till now, in principle the world of Fugl is infinite, but it has a start which is what you see is in that picture and then if you fly faster than the world can generate, then you can also make it till the end. Try to fly, keeping the sun on the left, and the biomes will slowly change.

However, for a couple of reasons, we are now changing that around. So soon each  biome will be contained and you have to go to the menu to change to a new one, and we are now slowly phasing  that in. That will eliminate all border bugs like in your screenshot. As part of that switch over, we have temporarily disabled the procgen completely. So there is a beginning and an end. The end is quite far down though. 

Hopefully the new version will land soon. Thank you so much, for playing this and taking the time to post these bugs.

Wow, thank you so much. This is a big honour! We definitely want to theme the page more.

Experience the thrill of flying as you explore the natural beauty of a vast voxel world. Relax and feel as free as a bird as you create your own adventure, with no time constraints or set goals. Discover and observe hundreds of unique animals whose features your shape-shifting bird can absorb.

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