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Absolutely loved this! Cool idea and well polished. The music rocks too! I found a jewel, a bottle, and for some reason the Triforce! LOL! :)

Mr. Furmoon: Meow <3 

Nice little puzzle game with lovely images (every game needs an owl or two)! Seems like it would make a great mobile game. Well done!

I loved it! Some multi-screen puzzles were quite devious! All praise the undo button! A couple times I had to backtrack quite a bit. But it was still fulfilling to complete the puzzles. I like that you can continue to search for the grail after getting the crown instead of starting over. Hint: That rock at the end is totally sus. Well done! :)

I didn't test that unfortunately. This is on the web version, not the download (I don't have Windows), so it loses any save files when the browser is closed. If you want try to recreate it, this is what I did: I moved the box to below that gap, walked to the top of the gap and tongued the box across, moved to just below the switch-activated block and tongued the box to me, then moved two spaces left of the box and tongued it one space, then walked to the right of the box and needled it through the beam. Now I can't tongue it back. I did this before learning that the box stops the switch-activated block from moving. I can try doing this again and then restarting from a checkpoint. But if the game saves whenever the player leaves the area, which doesn't reset the box, wouldn't it just restart at a save-state after breaking the puzzle? In other words, someone would have to know the puzzle was broken and reset before leaving the area?  I will let you know if I can repeat the situation. Hope this helps. :)

Really interesting game! I tried it online but think I'm stuck now. Did I break this puzzle? I shot the box across the beam thingy with needles. I may have been supposed to needle the box from across the pit so it's up against the bottom of the dark log gizmo then throw the switch to turn off the beam? When I leave the area it doesn't reset. :P

Really well done! It reminds me of  Metroid crossed with Blaster Master! It looks, sounds, and plays great. I liked the letters on each screen describing the back story too. The lack of invincibility frames however and getting hit multiple times after a mistake can be frustrating at times. And, the difficulty really ramps up in the lower left corner of the map where you get the last button(?) and then have to get all the way back the checkpoint in one life. Maybe I'm just not great at such precision moves.  I finally beat the game and really liked it! I decided that the ending was about their friend falling into depression and the player making an effort to come find them? Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but that's what I thought. I'd love to see their further adventures! Cheers! :)

Very nice! I love the art, music, and the switching weapon strategy too. It didn't say how many orange collectible things there are in total. On my second play-through I got  27. Is that all of them? That was on Normal. Congrats on a fine game! :)

I actually saw Magirune 2, but decided to play this one first. I loved it! I was suspicious when I found the regular exit, so I didn't take it, and instead  went back to all the places the pickaxe was needed and finally found what I thought was the real exit. But I'd mismanaged my potions early on and had died a few times, so I became a ghost! Curses! Maybe I'll take a break from haunting future travelers in the tower for all eternity and try for the Good Ending. I love the old-school artwork and power-ups (spike shoes for the ice and magic sword.) Very well done! I look forward to playing Magirune 2 now! :)

Wow, I just discovered this game. I've never seen the idea of the whole map on screen and a fish-eye lens idea. It took some getting used to, but I actually liked not having to switch back and forth to a map screen this way. The game is challenging but not controller-smashingly so. And the retro art style is super! One question: why is there a hidden stick that you can't get until after getting limitless air jumps? I think I found all the sticks, but had one remaining nest spot that I couldn't build until getting that last stick from under the map. I thought I mismanaged my sticks at first. Is this how it's supposed to be? It seems to be a great opportunity for a special message if you get all the sticks and build all the nests. Anyway, great job!

"Start with nothing... end with nothing." But I ended with one battery left over... one louder you might say. :)

Wow, the instructions/start page answers so much! I should really read those BEFORE I start playing. Sorry for that, LOL! So I got, Slowpoke, Brutal, Living in Darkness, and Found All Weapons on my second go round. Finding the other ones will definitely increases re-playability. I only realized you could shoot out the lights on the second play through as well. I would definitely buy an expanded version of this on Steam! You rock! :)

Very nice work! I struggled at first thinking it was unbalanced because I seemed way too weak. Then I read the directions (LOL) and started to use the shadows! I failed the first time I encountered the boss, but on a replay I  found better weapons and saved ammo, which definitely helped. The boss was much easier then! A few suggestions: I don't like that once snipers see me, they can track me through an obstacle even once I fade into the shadows. He should lose track of me like the other enemies who see you, but then forget about you if you run away. At least I could just watch his shots coming at regular intervals and snipe him back. Also, please label the achievements. I could guess some of them, but what the heck is the one fist-bumping an enemy? Or the proximity mine one? Or the table with a machine on it? I managed to get the green laser gun but only after the boss. I kept thinking someone would give me the code. D'oh! It was in plain sight. Well done! :) (Not sure why it doesn't show my death count or kill count, maybe I screen grabbed before it loaded all the way like the time did. I assure you I killed everyone and died a lot!)

What a great concept for a game! Now excuse me while I enjoy my existence as a skeleton on the surface!  x_x

Woo hoo! I'm the Keymaster! Now, where's the Gatekeeper?!     ;p

Pretty cool game! The map kept glitching out so I'd have to hit Escape and Continue, or sometimes going Fullscreen would fix it, but that bug always comes back. The last coin was pretty challenging to get for 100%! And, what the heck is with the guy playing hide-and-seek who brought a whole pie? But you can't eat it! Crown me king slime! :)

Lovely and relaxing game! I'd love to learn more about the Sprite's backstory and third eye. I agree with some of the other comments about the size of the world and the speed of the Sprite not being quite in sync (I'm embarrassed to admit that after clearing all the snow, and growing the leaves and flowers that I could see, I stood there feeling silly before realizing I could walk around! LOL) The instructions showed only left and right mouse. Also, is there an ending? After getting the bee to pollinate all the flowers nothing happened. Maybe there's a pixel of snow left somewhere? You should make an animation or sound when a lump of snow disappears, so we know when it is truly gone. If you're expanding this, perhaps add to the experience so I'm not just walking around raining and sunning stuff. Maybe we need to lure a squirrel out of the tree with an acorn so when we grow the tree's leaves he doesn't get wet and mad at us? More RNG with what happens in the landscape and how it affects our progress is what I'm saying. All in all, sweet idea and nice music too!

I really loved Snailiad! Well done with this tribute, and I hope to see more. Some thoughts: After I beat Blobzooka and hit H to return home, my helmet and shell upgrades were gone. My level, and the attributes I'd leveled up were still there, and yellow shell count was too, but my items were all gone. Secondly, in the shop it would be nice if you identified the item's properties BEFORE having to buy them. I somehow early on found a slime-helmet that was better than either helmet in the shop but I had to buy them to find that out. @_@ A description of what the things in the shop do would be so helpful. Same thing with the item screen (space). I could guess what the attributes were (attack, health, magic, etc.) but the slots for helmet, shell, shield? (there are two slots) and potion? could use descriptions. Also, why the trashcan? With that many blue slots below for items, why would I want to throw something away? I'd much rather be able to sell it to the shop owner. Overall I love this tribute to Snailiad! Implement these suggestions and a map and it can be amazing! Also, "Nvm you found it +_+" after the totally not hidden secret, LOL! :)

I call the first annual "Meeting of the Hats" to order! :)

Ride through the dreamy fall scenery set to relaxing music as the landscape and updrafts conspire to flip your bike over. It's like QWOP on wheels--pressing right makes the front wheel the drive-wheel, while left makes the back wheel the drive-wheel in reverse, so it's always a front-wheel drive bike whichever way it's going. That will make for some desperate slow-motion flip-overs as you try to save yourself. You definitely have to vary your speed when the hills are close together or you're going over. When the updrafts start, forget about it because it seems like it's all down to luck whether you land on your wheels. After 456m I think I've seen all the landscape variation? I'd definitely like to see all the seasons pass! Perhaps also add the ability to extend the seat so you have a chance to try and right your bike. The graveyard of flipped-bikes is not kidding around! :)

Just like a dream about falling, I panicked each time I started over. But slowly after finding upgrades and bouncing around a bit, I began to feel more in control. Once I got the hang (pun intended) of the grappling hook the world opened up and I wasn't falling but flying! I think I found everything on the map, even the sneaky ones under balloons near the water. Is it possible to wake up? Thanks for making this awesome game! :)

This game is so cool! (pun intended) I love the idea of the magical ice helmet's upgrades being temporary but also refillable. It made the strategy fast and fun! Do a fire helmet next! Great job! :) ps: I found 28 soul crystals. Is that out of 30?

I really love this game! It gives me Little Nemo: The Dream Master on the NES vibes. I agree with some other comments about the map. It gives no indication of which rooms you can walk to or which power-up is needed to pass an obstacle. The green lines connecting warp rooms are appreciated, but with what little info the map provides, there's no way I could have beaten the game in a half-hour, especially when you factor in the unreachable rooms which require you change the purple blocks back and forth.  A heavy line grouping rooms which are directly connected would break up the map in a way that would help. It forces you explore and that's good, but you really need to hold everything in your mind or else go back and check every single room again when you get a new power-up. Just a thought. I love the art style and story too. Cheers!

I really liked this! Your design in the PICO-8 style is great, and the narrative with its revelation at the end was immersive (sad yet hopeful!) I also loved the easter eggs, "It's dangerous to go alone. Take this!" And, "Five years." What a surprise! Was that number chosen as a nod to Ziggy Stardust?  I'd love to play more. This world has great story potential. Cheers! 

D'oh! Well it wouldn't be the first time a problem was "specific to my machine!" Since I discovered it, how about naming the bug after me? To report: the map room works fine in Firefox!

I really like the game and I support artists, but I've never bought a Pico-8 game. Do I need to install the PICO-8 Fantasy Console to play it? Cheers! :)

This game is great! But I can't complete it because of a bug: When I get the relics that look like little spirals (the ones guarded by wall-shots you can't jump past) and then I enter the map room the game freezes. I can repeat this getting either spiral first. The map room saves as intended until I pick up a spiral. They are cursed. I can even get both spirals and then enter the map room but hug the wall and inch my way past the map and out the door on the bottom so the save won't activate. I then come back in and map room freezes. Walking to the center of the room does this. Despite having saved in the map room before the bug, the game doesn't go back to an earlier save. It begins a new game. Restart doesn't load a save then either. I'm on macOSMonterey 12.6.1 and Safari 16.1. I will try Firefox and Chrome next. Just thought you should know. It's awesome! I wish I could see the ending! :)

Great job! Some of the puzzles were challenging but the game is very good! I have one question: I have collected the star on level 27 and completed level 30 to get the password. But when the game is over, I can only continue from Ancient Temple Ruins, level 25. If I go all the way back to the start screen and input the password I can begin from The Lighthouse Keeper is Behind this Door world, level 31. But if I just continue at Game Over, the Stage Select screen shows only 5 worlds, not the final 6th one and I have to restart from level 25. It made the game harder before I knew I should use the password. Is this by design or is there a button to press to find the last world at the Stage Select screen? I played the game on Thanks!

Wow! Good call! It was just luck that I caught the turning frame in the animation of the fish above, but is sure may be a Dopefish sighting!

I just watched the "Making of Pushy Worm" video. Wow, it really was a scramble to the finish line. Thanks for sharing the process. Cheers!

I really loved this! And the messages when the Dad falls off a ledge or when you push a rock into the hole are nice comic relief in the harder levels (I'm looking at you levels 11 & 12.) He definitely needs to say something or have the kids bawl their eyes out when he hits spikes. Great job, mate! :)

What a sweet game! I liked the contrast of the 8-bit art style contrasting the attention to detail you give the descriptions of things, like when looking out all the windows, it makes the game feel simple but deep at the same time. I also think every book in the library needs its own game, and especially Merry and Bug need to go on an adventure together! :)

Lovely! This is what I imagined I could do with the bug-catching net playing A Link to the Past in my youth. I needed this. :)

Hidden fish room where the rest of the coins are. The fish looks surprised that someone's here!

I love the art style and music! Switching from portal to zapper, or grapple to portal felt a bit fiddly in a few situations, especially when missing means you fall a long way and have to go around to try again, but overall the game was clever and fun. It took a couple of plays to find everything, especially that hidden fish room. O.o This little robot needs to go on another odyssey! :)

Yeah, different character attributes would really add an interesting twist to this! Although I found it pretty tough as is, I'd totally play that! :D

Totally agree, mate. That penultimate level was arse-clenchingly difficult! I experienced a bit of lag because I zoomed in the screen to better see the characters' feet while on the ledges but it was worth it. Great game, Pontypants!

Ah, I hadn't found and turned on the switch to lower the crystal blocking entrance to the other world yet! But, after beating all 3 bosses, on my first run I still had only two flare markers. :/ A glitch? Everything went well the second play through. There's a place where I can consistently fall through the floor into out of bounds in the final area. It's possible to jump out though. Just weird. Also, what's the deal with the broken device operated by the ticket company thing? Nice demake! Now I want to see the original. :)

Nice! I think I'm stuck though. I beat the bull creature and gained the Spore Shroom but I can't talk to either of the two flashing creatures in the next room or in the room with the crystal blocking me from talking to the similar looking crystal thing beyond it. There are speak icons in both these rooms. I have only two of the three green symbols and can't figure out where to go from here. Is that the end of the demo or did I miss something? :P

I love the game, graphics and music! So cute!

But I think the links in the About Us page are broken. Any of the blue button letters I click on takes me to a page where it is impossible to go back.  :(

The W button for the artist Kotocca takes me to a page, which works okay (except her illustrations page doesn't seem to scroll down.) But there's no Back button to the About Us page. The T button for Kotocca takes you to a warning page that you're leaving this site (which is fine, you can still open in a new tab) but that page also can't go back to About Us.

The only solution is to hit Previous in the browser which reloads the whole Unity game. It's the same in Safari, Firefox, and Chrome (which breaks the off-site links completely.)

I like to learn more about the programmers, artists and musicians who make games, so I just wanted to let you know.  :)

Super cute game with a retro feel! Speed-running potential too. On the last level I fell off-screen just as the last block vanished and got a "Phew!" thought bubble from below! I thought I froze it, but after mashing buttons "The End, Thanks for Playing!" text appeared. Great game, mate! :)