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This game is great! But I can't complete it because of a bug: When I get the relics that look like little spirals (the ones guarded by wall-shots you can't jump past) and then I enter the map room the game freezes. I can repeat this getting either spiral first. The map room saves as intended until I pick up a spiral. They are cursed. I can even get both spirals and then enter the map room but hug the wall and inch my way past the map and out the door on the bottom so the save won't activate. I then come back in and map room freezes. Walking to the center of the room does this. Despite having saved in the map room before the bug, the game doesn't go back to an earlier save. It begins a new game. Restart doesn't load a save then either. I'm on macOSMonterey 12.6.1 and Safari 16.1. I will try Firefox and Chrome next. Just thought you should know. It's awesome! I wish I could see the ending! :)

Sorry to hear that! The bug is kind of surprising, since the game hasn't really been updated or changed since quite a while (years), and that's the first I hear of a saving issue like that.

Using another browser might help - or playing using one of the downloadable executables, if you bought the game. I'm afraid I can't offer much help otherwise, since I don't have the right hardware to try and reproduce this (my Mac is too old for Monterey), and the issue seems to be somewhat specific to your machine.

D'oh! Well it wouldn't be the first time a problem was "specific to my machine!" Since I discovered it, how about naming the bug after me? To report: the map room works fine in Firefox!

I really like the game and I support artists, but I've never bought a Pico-8 game. Do I need to install the PICO-8 Fantasy Console to play it? Cheers! :)

Glad it worked well in Firefox!

Normally, I add Windows/Linux/Mac executables as downloadables for my PICO-8 games, but I see that for some reason I didn't do this for Dank Tomb. I'll make a note of adding those - once they're up, you can play without PICO-8 just by using the standalone executables. I'll try to put up the executables some time next week, since there is really no reason for them to not be here.

If you want to play the original cartridge file, you do need PICO-8 to load it.