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I failed to beat the tower ) You are the first

That's all we have, no more content. Will meet in The Tower 2 :)

Thanks, I'm kinda proud of it )

How could you make such a beautiful piece of game design, art and development in just 72 hours! Make it full and I'll buy it :)

What I love:

- The visually growing pile of gold in the center of the settlement

- Serving heroes and not having to play yourself

- During the battle, more and more area opens up to fight with each pack of enemies, realizing, in fact, progress bar - elegant!

- Time acceleration


- No gold in the interface

I will not write about bugs

Great work!

Great game! Do you plan to implement mods?

It should be 2-4 minutes run like in ARPG with the same logic of skills set building (but with guns)

Thank you very much! The idea was to create more weapons to build sets of them like with skills in Diablo-like games. I just did not have time for it

Thanks for the extra effort :)

Thank you :) I wish I had 48 hours of the same length to do as much work as you do with your game :)

What a twist man!

Previously I played with tetris and escape room ideas mix too (Blocklet in my profile) and can tell you have moved on )

I also thought of Flappy Bird ) And Subway Surfers too

Nice game loop! I wanted some challenge like obstacles or rhythm changes

You are great developer(s) or robots without sleep needs if it was made in 48 hours )

Great job!

I lacked the camera control (or a more comfortable angle) to fully immerse myself in the gameplay, but the overall impression of the game is of a very solid puzzle game that you don't just want to play once, but want to improve on. Great game design work!

My score is 139. So far )

Finished 8 levels with 12000 money and lost - I don't know why :)

I like the music and the overall feeling of the game. Good job!

OMG that's the full-fledged game with it's own style and I love it. I will play more until I win )

I love this game :)

The music and the way the duck is rolling are brilliant )

I got 414 points just by pressing LMB furiously, without moving or turning, then the game froze as if it had a memory leak or an infinite loop.

Overall, an interesting idea if you make the controls harder and make it a furious game for streamers.

Nice job!

I played a few times and each time the simulation ended, even though the tower didn't fall. The game loop doesn't reward at the end, and I'd like to know what happens when the tower is completed.

For such a tight deadline, great job!

Feels a bit unbalanced at first. I was tired the whole time and struggled to understand how to buy upgrades. When I earned 5 coins, I figured it out and everything became clearer.

Nice team job!

P.S. music is pretty immersive!

It would be nice to have an intro skippable. While playing I constantly tried to use W to jump instead of Space.

As for difficulty, it's pretty challenging ) Nice job!

Interesting. Thanks for a report 🙏

Thank you very much ) It's hard to make it more balanced for solo developer w/o playtesters and team.

I really really appreciate for your feedback, that's the only way to improve something in my skills! Before your comment I didn't even know if the game feels like easy or hard, no even clue 


Hi! I'm looking for 2d-artist and maybe developer (so I can be a game designer)

Very good! Respect for your ultra-fast thinking )

Hi guys!

I'm an aspiring game designer and I'd like to show you my first finished game (not a prototype).

It's a platform game combined with Tetris gameplay. As Blocklet you have to get out of a room by playing tetris with one hand and moving your character up a tetromino hill with the other.

I'd appreciate any feedback, as this is a very sensitive time in my professional life - after 18 years of enterprise software development, I want to get serious about game development.

You can play it in the browser for free

Thank you for your feedback and kind words 🙏

Right! That may cause that )

Thank you! Subscribe and I will create more games )

Thank you very much!

The block may stop if its next position intersects with blocklet - he is the block too. Or it is just a bug )

What? )

(1 edit)

Amazing! I want the full version ) It was so much fun running around with the [1] camera and chilling, and then I CHANGED PERSPECTIVE and walked on the walls and ceiling. You guys are amazing game designers )

It's even more amazing that you made the game in just 1 day!

I like it! It'll be great to have convenient controls (drag n drop) for dogs and more challege like obstacles (0 force) and scary and attractive objects (+/- forces).

It was annoying, addictive and fun :) I love the idea! At one point I thought the stone had gained character and I wondered if we could be friends lol

Thanks ) try to not put the Blocklet into the line. She should avoid it as it means the death. Climb the pile with W, A, D keys

Yeah, it supposed to be returned ) btw the character has insurance, nobody gonna visit the hell )

thank you for your feedback ) I will upgrade the prototype soon 

I did what I said I'd do :) I will be happy if you try again!

Now it has the goal and the end, you can try if it is still fun )

We have updated the examination UI, you can try again :)

Now it has the goal and the end. Feel free to try it again :)

Glad you liked it! Yeah, the mirror is our little twist. We're aiming to at least add scoring and a clear goal to complete the game cycle. Stay tuned for those updates!