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quick question- if I may ask. Do there have to be enemies? What if I made a glorified obstacle course game? the antagonist being the level, not an actual enemy.

OH, my bad, I must have missed that one. Thanks for moving it an not just deleting it.

Check it out, let me know what you think!

We're experiencing a real surge right now! Thanks to everyone for supporting us! Again, if anyone is wanting to review our product, we are still wanting to give some keys out. Let us know!

Our kids watch a Youtube channel that has been putting out a few videos with your game. I was pretty excited to see this on here since it looked good and made good content for Youtube creators. Great job.

Dungeon Fall is the prelude to another game we are working on, The Darkspeaker's Prince. We are calling it an interactive fairy-tale, and it takes about 30 minutes at the most to play through, collect the items, and read the lore. This game sets a lot of history for the next one. We are hoping people enjoy story-driven games like this one enough to help us make more.

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