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Your feedback is greatly appreciated, thanks for taking the time to write a review here, and for taking the time to give the game a try.

Thanks for stopping by!

I will absolutely try your game, and you're right about the signs and feedback

black and white presents an interesting challenge... I didn't know what I was getting into before hand, and now its a REALLY interesting puzzle to solve.

OHH good, can you tell me more about the camera, and why you didn't like it? I don't particularly love it either.
I'm thinking the rotation was unnecessary, and I could have build the levels without the need of it, but I wonder if you have different/better feedback.

Man, thats the danger of B&W. Eye fatigue was one of my concerns, so I wanted to blur it out with a depth of field so it wasn't too harsh all the time, but in the end- I think a person can only take so much of that contrast.

I wonder if it was not hard white and hard black if that would soften the eye fatigue?

We are actually committing to developing the World of Pawn for a year long development timeline. We plan to have a finish game by this time next year, and we're really excited- Kickstarter is forth coming so keep an eye out for it!

Unfortunately the web player doesn't utilize GPU as well as I wish it did.
I'm glad you were able to enjoy the environment, though. Really that is probably the most admirable feat that we've achieved here.

Thanks for the feedback, man. One of the things that I am enjoying struggling through with this design is that Black and White environments make Signs/Feedback hard to produce, because the signs sort of blend with the environment. I can't use  specific colors to grab the eye like most modern games do, because my pallet is VERY limited.

I was thinking last night, that a pingpong lerping grey to white would catch the eye, if I set the color of interactive objects to sort of glow like this, it could do it. If you can't use color, you can use motion?

Anyways, thank you for your time. I really appreciate all of the energy people are putting into playing and responding to our game.

The clipping camera was an issue I ran into, and it never made it into debugging. I'm glad you liked the aesthetic elements. My partner and I really shine when it comes to that side of things.

Done! :D

I ran into that too.

just watched a guy play it on twitch, its really important you get the sword in the courtyard, and use the door on the right. I never should have included the door on the left- it's a trap, and frustrating.

I'll watch

I encourage everyone to play until the boss... I spent a lot of time on it, and it's pretty fun.

having the chess pieces act like chess pieces was the original idea.
The room you died in was a puzzle trap.
There's another door that gets you into that room and you can use the upper-level to drop crates on the bad guys bellow, cleaning up the room.

Repetitive, and the gameplay never really changes. quick to understand and never exactly challenging.

the mechanic requires a lot of mastery, which I have no problem with, except that the level variation doesn't motivate me to get good enough at it to keep playing. I love the idea of danger being the solution.

holy cow...
Me to my wife "This is the last one I'm trying tonight."

20 minutes later

Wife: "Are you coming to bed?"

VERY fun and challenging.

holy cow...
Me to my wife "This is the last one I'm trying tonight."

20 minutes later

Wife: "Are you coming to bed?"

VERY fun and challenging.

It was just an artist and myself, and the artist made some AMAZING assets for me to work with.

So- I was a bit confused... I had a LOT of options at the beginning with no lead into them, I felt like I was playing classic starflight.  I figured I'd blow up or something when I took off, but I took off and eventually hit a boundary.  in the screenshots, it seemed like maybe I was supposed to find somthing in the sky, but I didn't.

My game is Pawn

I've been playing a few games, but I find myself being very self-serving. I see how many ratings it has and if my game is lower, I'm tempted not to play it.

This way, I will play your game independent of how many ratings it has. I can't wait to see more!

I'm really glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for playin!

I'm glad you gave it more than one try, that was my concern. If someone tries to play Quake, this game is very frustrating. Did you end up getting to the bishop at the end?

It's not landing for everyone, the idea was that it's moonshot thinking to escape from the enemy castle.

I'm glade you like the gameplay.

I love it, but had an idea for the intro.

If you played the obama speech over top of the gameplay climbing out of the beginning part, and had the credits show in the corner of the screen, you could kill all of that with one stone.

You could then hide those cool pictures around in the level as secrets, and even have the little bits of lore discoverable vs. being fed as explicit narrative at the beginning.

Really liked it. I hate voting up on a game with more votes than mine, but I have to, it's good work. your pixel art is great. I loved how the UI elements followed the cursor. Keep up the great work.

this was really interesting! Thanks for making this. There is a lot you could do with this that is left on the table, and I get the feeling you know that.

I loved exploading the owls, it's a very rewarding partical effect!

I hope you enjoy it.

Someone mentioned that it doesn't have anything to do with the theme.
The idea was escaping prison from the enemy castle is thought to be a moonshot of a plan... but I guess that doesn't stick for everyone.

This was a blast to make, Please consider playing and voting for pawn

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The boss at the end is actually VERY fun, i was really impressed with what I was able to pull off.
it's a semi-stealth puzzler. the 3rd room is like- almost impossible without the sword, it's leaning against a tree in the courtyard. I've been told it's too hard too see.

My friend and I decided to go with black and white, because we never had before. barrowing from the "chess" theme... I had no idea we had it in us to make something this cool looking.

See more here:

I'm keeping an up to day dev log/journal of making this game here:

The videos are in the order of development.
I really hope you enjoy watching these. If you have any questions, please feel free to asks!

I'm using Unity3d:

My buddy and I are cranking out this game like it's Saturday Cartoons.

Can't wait to get more content to you all.

Did a lets play of your game, Fishlicka.
Thought you might appreciate it.

quick question- if I may ask. Do there have to be enemies? What if I made a glorified obstacle course game? the antagonist being the level, not an actual enemy.

OH, my bad, I must have missed that one. Thanks for moving it an not just deleting it.

Check it out, let me know what you think!

We're experiencing a real surge right now! Thanks to everyone for supporting us! Again, if anyone is wanting to review our product, we are still wanting to give some keys out. Let us know!

Our kids watch a Youtube channel that has been putting out a few videos with your game. I was pretty excited to see this on here since it looked good and made good content for Youtube creators. Great job.

Dungeon Fall is the prelude to another game we are working on, The Darkspeaker's Prince. We are calling it an interactive fairy-tale, and it takes about 30 minutes at the most to play through, collect the items, and read the lore. This game sets a lot of history for the next one. We are hoping people enjoy story-driven games like this one enough to help us make more.

THANKS photo Dungeon Fall 2017-04-19 10-53-05-987_zpsuki2edfq.jpg