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Haha. Great feedback. I agree with you! We will definitely make a few small improvements after the voting period.

Thank you so much!!!


Thank you!

Thanks for playing it! I love the feedback. I think we are going to clean up some of these things and post an update.

I love these ideas! I wish I had done this prototype of the unit ui, so inventory and equipping would be easier.

Thank you for the feedback! The scope was a bit crazy. I wish we had more time to test and refine those inputs.

I think a better tutorial would have been a big improvement. It sounds like you weren't equipping the items you purchased.

I'm glad you liked it despite that!!!

Thank you!

thank you! I really wanted to add more enemies but I ran out of time. I think If I have another week I would have rewrote the selection, made equipping easier and added more enemies.

Space bar starts and stops the caravan, makes it way easier to control. Need more of a tutorial in my next jam.

Thank you!

Thank you! That means a lot. I had the high score in nomads skys for a bit there. It's so polished and the UI is really clean. I want to get to that level of uniform theme and design.

opps!! It's made by my buddy, Tim.

Glad you enjoyed it!! Did you get an S Rank?

Thank you! I had been talking about this, but had to scrap a more complex multiunit menu.

Great Video. I made some more improvements from comments you made!

Thank you for the feedback!! The selection system was a really big hurdle and I wish we had time to totally redo it. I think handling inputs is an overlooked difficulty in games look this.

Great Job!! This will help a ton!

Do you think you will be able to add compatibility with Visustella Message core? I would love text colors and icons.

This actually doesn't appear to be related to the dualwield plugin

Hey Ramza. Excited for the new MZ updates. I am testing the new Visustella plugins with only DualWield and I am getting a Maximum call stack size randomly on attacks.

Thanks. this is perfect!

Is there a way to always make the second attack of dual wield miss if the first attack kills the enemy or if it has 0 hp?

Try the Demo in Browser!

Titan saga is an open world fantasy rpg, focused on deep customization of characters and town. Through tough choices, tactical battles and epic dungeons, you will experience an exciting and unique adventure.

We are looking for beta tester to test more of Titan Saga.


The major goal of Titan Saga is to create a story that the players can actually impact. One of the things that the D&D Skill system accomplishes is to measure the ability of a character to succeed at a task. For example, A Rogue with a high dexterity would have a bonus to a dexterity based action. Now a wizard with low dexterity would still have a chance to successful complete the action, but the Rogue’s would be much higher.

In Titan Saga, the new Talent system will accomplish this. From trade skills like Crafting and Mining to Social skills like Deception and History, and even skills like Lockpicking and Perception. Every playable character will have Talents and by specializing characters into certain Talents, you will be more likely to successfully affect the world of Titan Saga. This allows the story to have many branching options and also give realistic outcomes. Your character who has spent most social interactions being deceptive will be able to trick a guard in Act 2 while another player, who used other skills, will need to sneak into the Keep. They can still certainly try to lie to the guard but a failure is likely to lead to battle and a critical failure is likely to lead to an overwhelming battle.

Proposed future improvements: 1. Animated Difficulty Dice Roll 2. Special Bonuses at specific levels of Talents 3. Special Skills at specific levels of Talents

View Screenshots at

Oh yes this does make sense

That code writes Locked for all equip slots but I think I can take it from here. 

Thanks again.

Thank you!

Should an actor be able to equip a shield and a twohanded weapon at the same time? Shouldn't twohanded "block" <offhand>

In the menu extension:

Is it possible to detect if an actor has money grips for a display change:

1) If they do then no change

2) but if they don't: the eqiupment slot for off-hand text that normally reads "empty" (using YEP_Equipcore empty text) could be changed to a term listed  in the plugin settings like "used", "2-handed" or "locked" when player has a <Twohanded> Weapon equipped in the main hand.

It currently it allows player to click the off hand equip slot and open a window that is always blank because no weapons fit the equip requirements without monkey grip. Can we remove this potential confusion to the player by locking this screen and adding the new text?

Awesome Ramza. Thanks!

It shows a barehanded attack which works fine, then it shows a sword on the second dual attack and black screens.

If using Yanfly Item Durability, The Parry plugin will crash if player attacks with a weapon with 0 durability.

Working great thank you! 

Last Question and I think I have everything set up. Using SRD_BattlePopupCustomizer.

I am trying to make Parried and Blocked pop ups. Do you know what I should be putting in Custom Condition?

Found it, thank you. Is there a way to cancel the seconded dual attack if the first one killed the enemy.

Can you add the ability to customize "main" and "off" so someone could put stuff like "left" "right" "Main-hand" "Off-hand" "primary" "Secondary"