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Thanks for feedback! :) Trying to fix the sounds coming out of just one earphone bug but not experiencing it on my end. Did you play the windows version or the mac version?
EDIT: Actually just worked it out :) it was something silly. I will update the game with the bug fix later (not sure if it is allowed during the voting period).

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Hey fnaimi66, glad you liked it! We used Godot 3.2 to make this game :)

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for the feedback Thomas! :) We did a bit of playtesting to try an make it clear but perhaps we could have made it a bit clearer. We imagine it is a little bit harder if english isn't your first language but we didn't have any playtesters able to test that as they were all native english speakers.

If you are having trouble. Move the candle around a bit :)

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Solid and interesting mechanic with an cool art style. Could tell this was well polished.

Well polished, got some great "Dwarf Fortress" vibes from the 1-bit environment.

Interesting concept. The main issue that I had was trying to read the text at the beginning as it rushed down screen. Consider pausing the game at the beginning (when the blocks are half-way down) to explain which blocks to hit.

Agreed that finishing the game was really difficult. I did like the easter egg you had in though.

I felt like this game needed to explain the objective better. Wasn't sure what I was suppost to do when I got in.

It was interesting, I felt like an indicator could be added to tell you the dirrection of hte dream current.

Platforming was quite difficult but the story and theme application felt on-point.

Interesting puzzle mechanic. Agreed that you need to use "nearest neighbour" when increasing the size of your pixel art.

Very cute game. Just a heads up that "a" and "d" doesn't move you left and right though. You can only use arrow keys.

Solid, polished gameloop. Perhaps a bit hard at the start?

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With calm, the spikey obsticles are really hard to see, otherwise great job, I like how the game sync with the beat. (Also game should start on calm incase someone is epileptic)

Might have benifited from a tutorial but the idea is quite interesting.

Cool idea, I think the game would have benifited from a few more sound effects but it was definitely a interesting experience.

Hey, there isn't any sound in this one, not sure if that was intended as there is a volume slider in options.

Just a note for those looking to play the game. The above video contains spoilers :)

Thanks for the feedback Stella, not sure why it is only coming through the left earphone. I'll have a look and try to fix it :)

Submission was quite early as I don't have a lot of time in the next three days to work on it. Hope you enjoy it!

First game jam here, just wanted to wish everyone luck. Looking forward to the challenge and to seeing all the games made.