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Im scared I keep hearing footsteps

I would remove the random pick if you take very long to pick an upgrade. Instead, at least make it pick the upgrade my mouse last hovered on. I find myself reading the descriptions kinda slowly and it won't let me finish reading it because it picked a random upgrade.

very cool

i know, what do you mean?

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Hello, I'd love to help with a bazilian portuguese translation. I've already worked with the devs at Supragames to translate their game "Supraland" and the reviews were very good. So, if you're interested, add me on discord Klausbdl#7091. I see the game was made in Unreal, so I'm pretty familiar with the localization process, since Supraland was also made in Unreal.

I didn't finish the game yet, but I think its pretty cool and unique.

em pausa, mas tem aqui dev logs de antes do meu ultimo ano da facul

I got stuck in an alley and the zombies blocked the exit, but cool game

Even I have a hard time getting the ball to the first checkpoint lol

Thank you for the tips, I'll update it once the jam is over

Yeah, it's supposed to be hard, like Getting Over It

I found a bug that the song track is stacked everytime you click to place a floor

This has a lot of potential

Thank you!

its actually satisfying

Couldn't play it, says a .pak file is missing

Very cool! Love the audio design you did there. I think the hit boxes to look at spots should be bigger, because some of them are kinda hard to find with the mouse. Also, it would be nice to right-click with the mouse to "go back".

droga, cai

Mano ando a tentar responder a tua mensagem no privado , mas não consigo , fica só como enviado e não como recebido. Enfim.
Sobre importação de produtos pelo Aliexpress,
Não te sei dizer, nunca comprei esse tipo de coisas .só comprei pendrives e material desportivo.
Não entendo nada sobre pénis elásticos de silicone e não sei se as cópias chinesas de pénis africanos são antialergicos ou não .
É para um amigo teu né , como me explicaste.
Não sei como te ajudar desculpa !!
Vê se tem no custo justo ou no olx alguma coisa .
Um abraço mano !!

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this should be a minigame in an upcoming party game :D

Thank you!!!!

I love that idea

My speedrun lol very good game (from Lucas Mattos, one of the Devs XD)

Hi! Guess what, we finished the game! The endings are solid as rock now, and there are more improvements. Pleas try it anytime you can :)

Hey! We updated the game! Please try it out anytime you can. It's finally finished :)

Oi! Na verdade é português, mas eu (Lucas) sou BR então acho que conta kkkk. Valeu por gostar do que jogou. Manda o link do vídeo ai pra vermos :)

Hey! I uploaded a fixed version that won't crash. But if the problem persist, please don't hesitate to comment again :)


The normal way to go through the arrow keys is < ^ v >, not < v ^ >. Please ninjamuffin, consider this

amazing everything! Cutscenes, audio design, graphics, art-style, I love everything. I just have an opinion on the big skeleton voice, I imagined a very rusty voice, pausing every 2 words, like that... but thats just my opinion. Anyways, continue the good work!

muito triste quando eu faço escolhas que eu legit achava boas tipo matar o gatinho XDDD

thank you

Super cute and more people should not abandon cats and other animals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very interesting game. The post processing could have some work for a post-dev week, if you guys wish to work more on the project. The musics are very good too.

thank you...



Thanks for the feedback! I'll implement more controls and fix some ending bugs too.

i think the game kinda bugged for me, it was slow and the cars werent moving, but the camera was working well. Then I tried to close it and the stuff happened XD

So, I noticed if you don't have the Kenney Pixel font installed, the text in-game gets messed up. If you could bother, please install the font at

idk what happened but wow