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Cool game! it gets really impossible by the middle of the game, and the losing condition wasnt very clear to me. I got to about 30% hp left of the boss. I would do some more playtesting to balace the boss, cuz it gets really chaotic, idk how to avoid all that. Maybe reduce the shoot rate of the boss or decrease the bullet's speed.

The visuals are cool too. One background music away from being awesome.

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Thanks for clarifying everything. 

Last question: How many days will the jam last? I want to plan out my game, but I don't know how much time I will have. I couldnt find this information in the jam description. It does say its open from 31-may to 30-june, so thats the jam time?

My first question is: will there be a specific theme apart from local folklor? This bugs me because the Jam starts in 25 days, and this is enough information to make a good game until the jam starts.

The second question ties with the first one: so we can start making a game today? Or do we wait till the jam starts? How can you check if a game was made way before the jam begun?

This comment contains spoilers!

The ambience is great. The graphics are cool, the sounds are good too. My only complaint is the very end. That last walk in the woods was awesome, the screams were creepy af. It was literally in the last seconds of gameplay, when I heard the steps coming near and the silly red guy running in my direction. That wasnt scary, so it kinda broke the whole vibe it built up. Apart from that, very nice game.

its been an hour since i started playing and i'm just playing the mine sweeper and looking around the forum lmao

Very cool parkour + puzzle game!

couldnt get out of the first room, its too dark to see any door leading outside :( i wish i could see the big ring thing in the screenshots

I like this tower defense-like game. The graphics follow a concise aesthetics. My only complaint is the time it takes between waves. I wish the "make night" was free, and that it would speed up the time when all enemies are dead for the next wave. Because of this issue with taking too long, I dropped it on the third wave. But if that wasnt the case, I would spend like an hour playing it. It is really cool.

this is horrifying. When I saw the world change i almost got dizzy, and I never get dizzy from playing videogames. What the hell

the visuals are pretty cool, but the gameplay is confusing. I understood the mechanics, but I didnt know what to do with them. I didnt know if I was cleaning the memories properly. The guide could use some work.

that was something. one of the games ever

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If anyone sees a warning saying the page is in quarantine, its safe!

I think this is a pretty good horror game. I don't get why theres a mechanic to break walls, but I welcome it since it can block the enemies lol. The sounds are pretty good too, got me immersed a lot.

Very good for a jam game. I wish you programmed a mechanic of leveling up (in any way) to match the amount of enemies spawning, because it can get very impossible to survive.

Its a very solid game. Very well executed. I wish there were more indicators to how much points I would get when placing the pieces, so I can calculate better. But anyways, nice puzzle game.

Thanks for trying it out!

The enemy counter on the top right should have given a hint that those can be destroyed too ;)

I see. It was fun nonetheless. When I realized the crane was for smacking the tv I laughed

its joever for us

I totally agree. I won't get into a ramble about how the development was, but yeah I admit thats the least improved area of the game. Thank you for playing!

XD thanks, that was the Idea I was going for, making the kirby ball go super weird

when the police showed up, the game just stopped. Had to use my second monitor to see the task manager and kill the process. Was that intended?

I liked it a lot! The models are pretty cool and the effects too.

I wish the camera was better tho, It's kinda hard to see where I'm aiming if the camera is too low. I also wish there were SFX. But other than that, It's a pretty cool game.

I really enjoyed it for some reason. Finding the secrets was cool. The map is well made. It feels simple yet good to play. Reminds me of BABBDI without the weird stuff.

In summary, its a simple exploring game that you're told the bare minimum and you have to figure it out as you go. Even though the objective was literally standing out, I found myself wondering way off until I saw it lol

I agree 100% with you. I spent more time doing UI stuff (because i was having fun) and left the gameplay for later, which was my downfall lol

Thank you for playing though, really appreciate it

Thanks for playing! Yes I agree, it lacks a lot in the gameplay department. Problems during production lead to this T_T

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It's not possible now, sadly, but I will definitely look into it for future updates!

very interesting. I took some time to understand, but it wasnt hard at all. The mechanics of controlling the scan is scuffed enough to make me feel I have a shitty job lol. I also like the lore bits, I wanna see more of it.

looks like its fixed in the new build. Thanks

Hey, for some reason the controls arent WASD but QSDZ. Dunno if its a problem only on my end tho

this is really well made; everything, from the voice acting to the story telling aspect

Hey. To be honest I haven't touched this project anymore because I'm focused on my other project. I'm sorry to let you down. But I didnt forget it, so dont worry

yes I definitely will update it. Check the last dev log I posted 4 days ago.

I might come back to this after the voting ends, but for now 5 stars for innovation. I love these types of puzzle

theres 122 submissions. Each game should have at least 50 votes e.e

ok I finally saw in the controls theres a fly button lol. Finished it. It was very funny doing the missions

thanks for answering. The crater one, how do I get it? I cant seem to find a way inside it

can you tell me where the hidden plush is in the first level? I've been here for 30 minutes T_T

Cool game. I didnt finish it, but I gave a high score since I already liked it from what I played. Has a cool story, voice lines, abilities, cool snake enemies. Worth playing.

I liked it. If you developed it further it would turn out even cooler, I think. Maybe go with a consistent art style, as in having all textures being pixel art. Reminds me of that castlevania FPS game. I love killing witches

Found 30. Very funny how the sprites are all glitching lol. Only needs a proper end screen and you're good to go