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Hi, tack figured out what the issue was: I was using Chrome.
Now there's a minor annoyance: the colours should have low-case letters, instead the tool generates them with a upper-case

Hi Kabraxis, I'm on W11. I was trying to do copy and paste. Doing as you say, gets me an error message "No valid Reaticulate banks could be found in the clipboard".

Hi Kabraxis, there's something that ain't working properly with the tool: I can program the bank but can't export it to my reabanks file. Copy and paste doesn't work, the options save and export are disabled... Any idea whit this is happening?

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Nice game Carly, congrats!

I played v1.1, despite the guide I feel the light is still insufficient, or it shouldn't point in front of the player, it should rather light the area immediately around the player (platforming gets extremely difficult when you can't see where you're jumping)

Great music and presentation (although it's a bit rough around the edges). Jump is not always responsive as I'd like and also the during the night part of the day-night cycle it's almost impossible to navigate the level, had to wait each time for the sun to rise

I liked it! Nice visuals, great models, cool unlockables (I genuinely chuckled when I saw Naruto) and great choice in finding the right sounds and music. Finding what suits your project needs is not always a given when you scour on Kudos to the team

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Thank you for your feedback man! Much appreciated

also, my discord is Kitarraman#3115 feel free to add me

Hi everyone, my name is Orazio and I'm a composer and sound designer who'd like to partecipate to this jam. I'm looking for a team to join. Here you can listen to my composer reel (I can provide the Sound Design reel via mp, so hit me up if you want to take a look at it).

Hi Wei, thank you for your comment. Music was supposed to start from the beginning, just recently Sosuko noticed what was causing that bug. I'm not sure he had time to push an updated version of the game. Anyways, you can hear the first track either by getting your character killed or right after you win the fight against the wave of enemies

They do? Cool, thanks Cento

Cool. Controls are a bit wonky, but I got used to them pretty quickly and started soon after that scoring headshots while moving. Main character's animations were a bit rough around the edges (from time to time, the left arm would collide onto the character's body). The gunshot sound isn't satisfying as it should be

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I liked it? No, better: I LOVED IT! Man, I litterally spent more than half a hour playing this game. I've always been a Samurai Jack fan and I kinda miss the flash-games that were available on Cartoon Network's Website. I wasn't really happy on how the platforming section felt, but I think that's on my keyboard, gotta play it with my controller.

Loved it, loved it, loved it! Thank you for developing this. 

My sleep schedule won't be that happy though 😂. Great entry

Thank you! Hell, the finale reminded me of P.T./Silent Hills... Guess who has two thumbs and won't sleep tonight? 👍🏻👍🏻

Ok, I have to admit I didn't finish it (I delivered the package, but couldn't find the warehouse and got bored after awhile... maybe it's because I haven't had the time to watch BM yet). Anyways, haunting setting and great atmosphere, I genuinely liked it