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Hi, I just wanted to ask since I didn't see any one else ask. Does the Prototype have ANY other features besides just building? So far in my game I haven't seen any Islands, I haven't seen a Research Bench, no plastic. Just the VERY basic materials. I really do like the game, and plan on buying the more updated Steam version when I can afford. But it seems so stripped down of everything. I mean, besides the VERY basic components. Or perhaps, I'm missing something. If anyone has seen more aside from the basic crafting, watching your hunger and thirst and fending off the shark..then let me know. So far I've sort of got over run by resources and I would love to know that there's more that I can learn to craft and see in the Prototype version of the game while I wait for the full version.

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I love this game, I can hardly wait to see more. There are some things I'd like to see in the future, like an armor tab, more plot to tell us why we're wandering about befriending creatures. Also, I'd love to see us being able TO befriend ALL creatures. Like, instead of being able to befriend some but not all. I get some of the creatures may be very powerful, but at least put in a food that's rare to make it a rare catch. More towns would be nice, and maybe some signs to explain new aspects like "You can climb up ledges this way". The Cactis also upset me, like it wouldn't let me by at points. I had to repeatedly try different angles to get around them. Give us a way to damage the cactis  like we can damage rocks. Let it drop "Spines" or something that can be used for crafting. The bigger the Cactis, the more reward for destroying it.

 Another thing I noticed, was that the creatures you've ALREADY tamed will sometimes stray off or halt in their movement and won't follow you. I tried feeding them at times like these, but they still acted out. If you want to keep it where we keep having to remind the tame creatures why they're tamed, perhaps give a punishment and Reward system to help let us TRAIN the creatures so they stick close by no matter what.

That's EXACTLY what I thought, also why can't you befriend ALL the monsters? I get that you have to kill the same species of monster multiple times to learn more and more about the creature. But they also don't give new descriptions, just small icons. I WANT to befriend the Zombie crawler, or the weird wizard that zaps you. That's the beauty of Pokemon was that you could catch every creature, not just "some".

That's not a glitch or a bug, that's how old school games were. 

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Um, ever heard of  CONTROLS? I could get into this, if they explained the control scheme. Instead it just dumps you into a game. Just trying to figure out how to navigate the main menu is a bit of a nightmare. They don't use the classic WASD for movement making it odd to operate the Up Down Left Right controls on a computer. Plus you have to figure out pretty much EVERYTHING. There's no telling if you hit the right button to do a certain action since it's pretty much random on what controls what. If there was a menu that let you shift control schemes like pretty much every PC game out there now, I wouldn't be complaining...but instead, I'm left with this game that is pretty much unplayable at this point of time. Hopefully the graphics and controls are worked on in a future update. For now though, don't jump into this game. Let it be developed a little more, that is my review. Jump in once it gets a little more developed and fixed so you can enjoy it for what it is...A top down Clone of MineCraft

Yeah it was kinda laggy for me. I just wished I could click through the story to read at my own pace. But it has a set pace, which was FAR too slow to make it enjoyable to play. That, worried me..for it to be laggy to the point of being unplayable combined with the strange controls, even if you can set them to be what you want...was off putting. I hope that it gets updated so I can retry and have a better experience. We need more Child Raising sims

This looks SOOO good, the demo is incredibly short though.

I wanna see a Ps4 and full PC release! Wish I coulda been a backer!

There's alot of pet peeves but no one actually commits a crime. There arent any actual evil people in the game. They all just commit someone in particular's pet peeve. SO I damning someone to Hell or sending people to heaven seems a bit extreme. Just sayin, plus there's no opening saying that you were hired to do this. It just comes off as if this is Grim's version of Tinder only this is how he judges on where he sends people. It feels a

Does this game auto save or have a save feature???

Cute game, not really clear what to do. I got stuck on the second door, just wouldn't open. Sure wish there was a save function. If there is, I haven't seen it quite yet. So forgive me. Otherwise, I think I'd love to dwelve into this game again. Especially if there was some deeper story that opened up. Like what the creature we're chasing is. Who we are, why we can only see after we paint. Especially if there are characters later in the game to give a lil more then just simple whimsy.

Why make me pay for it if your only giving me a Demo???????? O.o

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Two Critisis , REALLY needs an Erase Button and SIZE buttons. It captures the feel of drawing like a little kid, Buuuut it does get under the skin when you can't correct a mistake . I wound up restarting the game over and over and over again because I wanted the character to look just right. But I just couldn't get there! PLEASE, correct this in an update. Even kids would want to correct basic mistakes. An Erase feature and Size button Feature are  even in Microsoft Paint.

Brilliant concept!! I want to see more.

Couldn't understand the instructions on how to install the game. The feck is an Excel file?? Something to do with Microsoft Word????  Someone help!

Will there be Rated M content?

Just wanted to ask, I know it's been asked sooo many times before. But I really REALLY wanna help fund this project! I'm a major fan Argent Games. Loved Chess of Blades and have been waiting for the next R18 game, also I'd like to know if there will be full voice acting or not.

How do you install the R18 Windows version and the Android R18 Version? I have the games...I just dunno how to install.

Is there a 18 plus patch?

Question, will there be controller support in the future? I think it would make switching items waaaay faster and stuffs.