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Update For release or Kickstarter?

A topic by Kisushi created 59 days ago Views: 202 Replies: 1
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Just wanted to ask, I know it's been asked sooo many times before. But I really REALLY wanna help fund this project! I'm a major fan Argent Games. Loved Chess of Blades and have been waiting for the next R18 game, also I'd like to know if there will be full voice acting or not.


Hello! Thanks for your kind words. While the Kickstarter is over, you can support us through Patreon (currently undergoing a rewards update/addition) if you'd like!

As for voice acting, we unfortunately didn't reach that goal on the Kickstarter. It's possible that in the future, there may be a separate post-release campaign to add VA, but the initial release won't contain any.