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Um, ever heard of  CONTROLS? I could get into this, if they explained the control scheme. Instead it just dumps you into a game. Just trying to figure out how to navigate the main menu is a bit of a nightmare. They don't use the classic WASD for movement making it odd to operate the Up Down Left Right controls on a computer. Plus you have to figure out pretty much EVERYTHING. There's no telling if you hit the right button to do a certain action since it's pretty much random on what controls what. If there was a menu that let you shift control schemes like pretty much every PC game out there now, I wouldn't be complaining...but instead, I'm left with this game that is pretty much unplayable at this point of time. Hopefully the graphics and controls are worked on in a future update. For now though, don't jump into this game. Let it be developed a little more, that is my review. Jump in once it gets a little more developed and fixed so you can enjoy it for what it is...A top down Clone of MineCraft


rude TwT

Normally I would leave something like this alone BUT, although yes this could be good constructive critisism, try to keep in mind that this was made with the PICO 8. This fantasy console is SUPER limiting. Now I don't know how much code the creator has left to even attempt to add more explanation about controls or add new features. But the PICO 8 also purposly limits game size and controls. The creator probably doesn't have enough space left to add some of the things you are implying. The graphics are also purposfully limited by Lexaloffle (Creators of PICO 8) . To add all of the things you would want to add/change would mean a complete rework or even moving to a new engine. This takes *forever*. Also this was made heavily inspired by Minicraft, also made by Notch, and this is admited by the creator of this game himself.