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Two Critisis , REALLY needs an Erase Button and SIZE buttons. It captures the feel of drawing like a little kid, Buuuut it does get under the skin when you can't correct a mistake . I wound up restarting the game over and over and over again because I wanted the character to look just right. But I just couldn't get there! PLEASE, correct this in an update. Even kids would want to correct basic mistakes. An Erase feature and Size button Feature are  even in Microsoft Paint.


You can change the size of your brush with a mouse wheel (yeah we should have written more clear control, sorry). And eraser tool... Well, we will try our best, but there are technical problems with making one. It's hard to explain in one message, but basically we are making the cardbord cutouts for the character on the fly, and implementing eraser tool with this in mind would be hard.

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