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I was stuck in the last wizard-goblin for 5 minutes until I realized you just had to destroy the blocks underneath him xD cute little game! I liked it :)

Fun little game. My only complain is that it was too short, I was hoping that the randomness and dank memes could have lasted longer (since its easier to write of course :P ), but I still had a blast xD I give it a ten outta ten, too bad its pretty well hidden in the website.

When is the full version coming out? I dont want to sound rude but its been almost a year guys D:

I sucked at this game xD im so ashamed to say that I got the Game Over at the third day :( I didn't expected it to be so brutal in the survival department, then again, maybe I didn't took it seriously enough to survive the five days at least, im sure it was just me being dumb at the game, as for everything else, all I have to say is that it is a treat for the eyes, the art is so pretty and serious looking, is almost like it's of some french noir novel, that's not a bad thing of course, I like that the trio are the most apropiated one, you got your optimistic and flirty character, Abernathy, the cute one and the mascot of the group, Calloway (she loves her toothpaste xD) and your protagonist with a strong common sense and the only one who appears to fully understand the gravity of the sittuation (she can also sense the spirits of nature although they haven't been very nice to her so far :P ) Aina Monteil, since this is my first impression with just one attempt at the game and failed miserably, this is just a first impression score, so far, I give it a 7.5/10 of course, if you care of such things as scores xD if not, then I think the game is "Good" so far, im sure it would only get better on the road, HOPE THE FULL VERSION COMES OUT SOON! :D

This game is so professional looking! im just getting into it for now, and yet the art is lovely, the characters are lively and likeable, the backgrounds are FANTASTIC! and on top of that, even if its just a demo for now, its got a lot of paths for the player to choose, and six endings!? I cant imagine how awesome its gonna be when the full version is released, keep it up with the good work! this game is like a highclass dessert :D

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Actually, forget What I said, I just realized that the game is supposed to be that short, right? is just a little love story, it would be nice if you guys could add an actual third level, just to built up more tension xD I change my mind about the music, is pretty awesome and catchy now that I got a pretty good time to hear it, the controlls are not the best, but for how long the game goes, it works, the art is still awesome and they have various facial expressions ,not just one or two but VARIOUS xD good work guys...Good work. The story is nice btw I havent read the backstory of each character yet since Tumblr is giving me some problems right now, but I'll get to that as soon as I can cause, all of them are so pretty I just have to know more about them xD

I have to ask, do you plan on expanding this game? maybe? like adding a few levels or more enemies sprites? more power ups or something? if not is totally fine, im sure it was quite a ride to make this in just 2 months, but it would be great if an update were to be released soon xD

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Its kinda neat, the problem is that Ellyn can be too damn slippery at times, also really fast so is hard not to run into any guards by accident, I have to take my time and slowly aproach them, I can stand that most of the time, but then theres the platforming which suffers the same problem again because Ellyn goes too damn fast! but hey, the game overall is pretty ok, 2 months? not half bad, I know how hard can be to make a game so I can tell. Also, add a save feature, or at least checkpoints before every boss, Katrina is hard, she is nintendo hard since everytime I die at her I have to start the level all the way back from the beginning, which is FRUSTRATING....sigh, I give this game 7.5/10 too generous? maybe, but with a little work this could be an awesome game, also another note, add some textures in level 0, is the most boring looking level I have ever seen since "Straight Line Zone" from a shitty sonic fangame, the castle background in the next level was a nice serve though xD

I ALMOST FORGOT! I dont know how could I not mention it before, the art? IS FANTASTIC is so nice and detailed, I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! the music is ok, not too shaby BUT THE ART OMG!!

*Ahem*, yeah the art is good xD

Well, it was kinda falling apart at times but for the most part it was a fun little game xD I hope you can update this into something bigger but at the same time as simple, I'll give it a 6/10 in it's current state, of course only if you care about such things as scores :P