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Actually, forget What I said, I just realized that the game is supposed to be that short, right? is just a little love story, it would be nice if you guys could add an actual third level, just to built up more tension xD I change my mind about the music, is pretty awesome and catchy now that I got a pretty good time to hear it, the controlls are not the best, but for how long the game goes, it works, the art is still awesome and they have various facial expressions ,not just one or two but VARIOUS xD good work guys...Good work. The story is nice btw I havent read the backstory of each character yet since Tumblr is giving me some problems right now, but I'll get to that as soon as I can cause, all of them are so pretty I just have to know more about them xD

I have to ask, do you plan on expanding this game? maybe? like adding a few levels or more enemies sprites? more power ups or something? if not is totally fine, im sure it was quite a ride to make this in just 2 months, but it would be great if an update were to be released soon xD