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Its kinda neat, the problem is that Ellyn can be too damn slippery at times, also really fast so is hard not to run into any guards by accident, I have to take my time and slowly aproach them, I can stand that most of the time, but then theres the platforming which suffers the same problem again because Ellyn goes too damn fast! but hey, the game overall is pretty ok, 2 months? not half bad, I know how hard can be to make a game so I can tell. Also, add a save feature, or at least checkpoints before every boss, Katrina is hard, she is nintendo hard since everytime I die at her I have to start the level all the way back from the beginning, which is FRUSTRATING....sigh, I give this game 7.5/10 too generous? maybe, but with a little work this could be an awesome game, also another note, add some textures in level 0, is the most boring looking level I have ever seen since "Straight Line Zone" from a shitty sonic fangame, the castle background in the next level was a nice serve though xD

I ALMOST FORGOT! I dont know how could I not mention it before, the art? IS FANTASTIC is so nice and detailed, I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! the music is ok, not too shaby BUT THE ART OMG!!

*Ahem*, yeah the art is good xD