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I sucked at this game xD im so ashamed to say that I got the Game Over at the third day :( I didn't expected it to be so brutal in the survival department, then again, maybe I didn't took it seriously enough to survive the five days at least, im sure it was just me being dumb at the game, as for everything else, all I have to say is that it is a treat for the eyes, the art is so pretty and serious looking, is almost like it's of some french noir novel, that's not a bad thing of course, I like that the trio are the most apropiated one, you got your optimistic and flirty character, Abernathy, the cute one and the mascot of the group, Calloway (she loves her toothpaste xD) and your protagonist with a strong common sense and the only one who appears to fully understand the gravity of the sittuation (she can also sense the spirits of nature although they haven't been very nice to her so far :P ) Aina Monteil, since this is my first impression with just one attempt at the game and failed miserably, this is just a first impression score, so far, I give it a 7.5/10 of course, if you care of such things as scores xD if not, then I think the game is "Good" so far, im sure it would only get better on the road, HOPE THE FULL VERSION COMES OUT SOON! :D

Hi Kirby-chan!

Thanks for leaving such great feedback! You're not the first to say that it was difficult to survive. In reality it's really difficult too and we've tried to reflect that in the game. However, most people, like you, found it a bit *too* hard. So I'll be looking to modify the gameplay, or perhaps have an easy and a hard-core mode or something like that. :)

As for when the game comes out... we took a break for a couple of months but work has restarted. The game is actually very close to completion but the writing needs some editing/polish, and there's a CG we still need to make. But hopefully it will be finished in March or April.

Just saw this game (and your reply) today and was wondering if there is a planned release date yet?