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I am actually taking time off work for all of January, so although my day job has needed me more these last few months that originally scheduled, things should really speed up at the beginning of the year! Thanks so much for asking! :)

Hi Tyler!

Thanks for your question!

I think the demo is about 30-60 minutes, depending on how quickly you read and how quickly you can plan your day. Most people die the first time they play through, so if you were trying to get to day 5 without dying, you might need to reload and try again a few times, which adds a bit of extra play time. There are also some scenes in it that will only happen if you choose for the protagonist to do an activity at the same time as Kim or George, so if you were trying to get all the scenes, so getting all of that content also requires trial and error.

The final game will probably be about 3-8 hours of gameplay, again depending on play style and whether you want to get all endings, etc. It's really hard to estimate, actually, as I haven't timed people who play it for the first time (yet). It's based on roughly 60k words of VN scenes, plus the (challenging) survival aspect. If you're only interested in the story, and are a fast reader/skin reader, it might only take 2 hours to play through on VN-only mode.

TL;DR: 30-60 minutes for the demo, 3-8 hours for the full game with survival, or 2-4 hours for the full game in VN-only mode.

Thanks Chua! I think when the final version comes out, there will be a VN-only mode and maybe even an easy mode. A lot of people have said it was too hard to survive, so you're not the only one!!

Thanks! ^_^

Hi Ajax! Thanks so much for the comment! Don't worry, it's not dead, just on hold at the moment. I hope to do an intensive sprint to the finish around November time. :)

Very cute! Initially I didn't get what to do with the middle computer so I immediately lost. orz

If anyone gets stuck on that one, you're supposed to type in what it says in the box "oh" "pizza" whatever it is. It will give you a sequence of words that form a sentence. :)

Hi Kiba! Thanks so much for checking in! You're right, we haven't posted any updates in a while, but development is still on-going, albeit slowly. Working on backgrounds at the moment. Thanks so much for checking out our demo - can't wait to see your video and hear your thoughts!

Yikes! Thanks very much for making me aware of this!! I shall investigate immediately! And thanks about the art style - it's nice to know that it doesn't always have to be traditional anime-style bishonen! He's just not the usual love interest, is he? ^_^

Hi Ending! Thanks for leaving a comment! I am glad you enjoyed the demo - including the difficulty level! We are doing our very best to get the game out ASAP but a lot of the team members were busy during March (for example with NaNoRenO) so it might take a bit longer than expected.

Are you able to download other itch.io games? Does it show any error messages?

Lovely game! Impressed you managed to get all this done in such a short time! :)

Hi Kirby-chan!

Thanks for leaving such great feedback! You're not the first to say that it was difficult to survive. In reality it's really difficult too and we've tried to reflect that in the game. However, most people, like you, found it a bit *too* hard. So I'll be looking to modify the gameplay, or perhaps have an easy and a hard-core mode or something like that. :)

As for when the game comes out... we took a break for a couple of months but work has restarted. The game is actually very close to completion but the writing needs some editing/polish, and there's a CG we still need to make. But hopefully it will be finished in March or April.

Just wondering what the word count and/or play length is? And whether there's a demo available? And whether it's a kinetic novel (no choices), visual novel, or dating sim? How interaction dense is it? Lots of questions I know!! :)