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Thanks so much for reporting this! I'll see if I still have the codebase to available to fix it! Much appreciated! <3

Aw thanks for writing this zanearaki! <3
I am so glad you got the happy ending!

Sorry to hear about the weird bug! Would you mind telling me if this was on Windows, Mac, or Linux, and when did you try to save? Hope I can fix it! :)

Thanks Raxynus! You have no idea how much I appreciate it. <3

Hi Shibe! Sorry it took so long to reply! 

Unfortunately Stranded Hearts is hiatus again due to personal circumstances. Sorry to keep you waiting. :(

I will do my best to finish it asap once my current situation resolves, but I don't expect that to happen until at least 2020. T_T

Hi Autistic Gamer! Sorry it took so long to reply! 

Unfortunately Stranded Hearts is hiatus again due to personal circumstances. I can't give a definitive release date at the moment. :(

Hi Nobume! Sorry it took so long to reply!

Stranded Hearts is alive but on hiatus for the time being due to personal circumstances. I should probably post a development log post to reflect that... I guess when life just takes over like that it's easy to forget to update everyone! :(

Great game! I have played Karma's route and am playing through Rod's route now. I love it!!

Thanks! ^_^

Thanks for the feedback Berry! I am going to include a VN-only mode. :)
Do you think there should be an easy Survival Mode if a VN-only mode is included?

Hi Chiara! 

I know it looks like it, but it's just moving slowly for various reasons. Now very close to having an updated demo with 10+ new scenes, an edited intro, upgraded timer, and new/updated backgrounds. I am working hard to finish off the scenes. It's my 2018 goal to finish the game this year, so I really hope I can achieve that!

Thanks so much for asking!

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Nope not dead! Just for various reasons moving slowly. Now very close to having an updated demo with 10+ new scenes, an edited intro, upgraded timer, and new/updated backgrounds. 

The final game will now have a story-only mode, which may or may not make it into the demo too. But then again if I keep trying to add more features to the demo it won't ever get done!

Thanks so much for your patience! Glad to hear you want to know what happens next!

Good question. It's probably redundant since lesbians are by definition female. I'll update the feature list when the updated demo comes available. 😊

This and the other pack sooooo make me want to make a game using these assets! Aaaah! Why don't I have more time to make more games all at the same time?! I will definitely be coming back for these once I finish Stranded Hearts. :)

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Thanks so much for leaving a comment! I'm thrilled you liked it!

If you don't mind me asking, what did you think of the "chemistry" puzzle/riddle at the end?  Was it easy/hard?  Did you get stuck at all or have to guess? Not had feedback on that yet so no idea whether it works and should be included in the final game or taken out/tweaked. :)

Hi Supersensible! Things are going well, thanks! Hoping to get an updated demo ready (so much has changed) which will include the first 2 weeks of gameplay (out of 8). I just posted an update on patreon about Timed Choices, if you're curious. :)

Goodness, thanks so much for leaving a comment!! I'm so glad you think it's on the right track. It's a bit of a departure from other stuff I've done so I wasn't sure if it worked. So really glad you liked it! ^_^

Thanks for reporting this bug! I will squash it with extreme prejudice! ^_^

Fantastic! I have really enjoyed watching - and left a comment on your video. ^_^

Thanks!! Feeling very motivated right now!! ^_^

Thanks so much for sharing this - it explains a lot!! And also why you would like to have controller support! Thanks again for the insights!!

Aw, thanks MrMar!! Good advice about saving! The main aim I had was to keep the survival situation feeling real, and it IS hard. You can't go long without water in high temperatures. It's set up in such a way that, realistically, someone will die if you don't get water quickly enough, because that's what would happen IRL. But, from a game design perspective, it doesn't make sense to have the biggest challenge at the start and then let the game get easier. So there's still a fair amount of tweaking to do. It has to be fun to play, not just hard. :D

Glad you like the women and how different they are. Each has their own story, but I think the Kim romance route is the cutest one. Which I hope you'll like when the full version is ready! :)

Hi Kiba!

Thanks so much for taking the time to record these two videos and voice all your thoughts. They were so insightful!

Video 1:

  • You make some really good points about the menu and whether certain buttons should or shouldn't show up. As you say, it doesn't make any sense to go into "Settings" from Settings. This is definitely something I will look at.
  • You were right that we didn't create controller support. I was just as surprised as you that it worked (sort of)! I think it's an inherent part of the engine we used, so I will have a proper look at controller support for the final game, including things like the Settings.
  • I will also add little explanations to some of the extra options in Settings when you hover over them, because it strikes me that unless someone has played games like this before, they might not know what they mean. I am glad you did, though! :)
  • Well spotted about the load game menu - it's got the wrong z-order for the border! With attention to detail like that, you make an amazing QA tester!

Video 2:

  • Your observations about the text moving up and down really interest me. I can't figure out what sort of setup you've got that it would get in the way. Perhaps I should add an option in the Settings to stop the text box from moving up and down, so you could keep it just at the bottom of the screen? One of the main reasons for implementing the changing of position was to increase immersion, as the text box obfuscates the faces of the backseat passengers and focuses the scene on Aina, below.
  • I noticed you didn't comment on the timed options - wondering what your thoughts are on those?

I would love to get your thoughts on the survival gameplay (day planner) which follows the introduction, especially since you seem to have so many great thoughts about how menus should/shouldn't work, but I can understand if you don't have time for that. :)

Thanks once again for taking the time to record these videos!

- Steamgirl

I am actually taking time off work for all of January, so although my day job has needed me more these last few months that originally scheduled, things should really speed up at the beginning of the year! Thanks so much for asking! :)

Hi Tyler!

Thanks for your question!

I think the demo is about 30-60 minutes, depending on how quickly you read and how quickly you can plan your day. Most people die the first time they play through, so if you were trying to get to day 5 without dying, you might need to reload and try again a few times, which adds a bit of extra play time. There are also some scenes in it that will only happen if you choose for the protagonist to do an activity at the same time as Kim or George, so if you were trying to get all the scenes, so getting all of that content also requires trial and error.

The final game will probably be about 3-8 hours of gameplay, again depending on play style and whether you want to get all endings, etc. It's really hard to estimate, actually, as I haven't timed people who play it for the first time (yet). It's based on roughly 60k words of VN scenes, plus the (challenging) survival aspect. If you're only interested in the story, and are a fast reader/skin reader, it might only take 2 hours to play through on VN-only mode.

TL;DR: 30-60 minutes for the demo, 3-8 hours for the full game with survival, or 2-4 hours for the full game in VN-only mode.

Thanks Chua! I think when the final version comes out, there will be a VN-only mode and maybe even an easy mode. A lot of people have said it was too hard to survive, so you're not the only one!!

Thanks! ^_^

Hi Ajax! Thanks so much for the comment! Don't worry, it's not dead, just on hold at the moment. I hope to do an intensive sprint to the finish around November time. :)

Very cute! Initially I didn't get what to do with the middle computer so I immediately lost. orz

If anyone gets stuck on that one, you're supposed to type in what it says in the box "oh" "pizza" whatever it is. It will give you a sequence of words that form a sentence. :)

Hi Kiba! Thanks so much for checking in! You're right, we haven't posted any updates in a while, but development is still on-going, albeit slowly. Working on backgrounds at the moment. Thanks so much for checking out our demo - can't wait to see your video and hear your thoughts!

Yikes! Thanks very much for making me aware of this!! I shall investigate immediately! And thanks about the art style - it's nice to know that it doesn't always have to be traditional anime-style bishonen! He's just not the usual love interest, is he? ^_^

Hi Ending! Thanks for leaving a comment! I am glad you enjoyed the demo - including the difficulty level! We are doing our very best to get the game out ASAP but a lot of the team members were busy during March (for example with NaNoRenO) so it might take a bit longer than expected.

Are you able to download other games? Does it show any error messages?

Lovely game! Impressed you managed to get all this done in such a short time! :)

Hi Kirby-chan!

Thanks for leaving such great feedback! You're not the first to say that it was difficult to survive. In reality it's really difficult too and we've tried to reflect that in the game. However, most people, like you, found it a bit *too* hard. So I'll be looking to modify the gameplay, or perhaps have an easy and a hard-core mode or something like that. :)

As for when the game comes out... we took a break for a couple of months but work has restarted. The game is actually very close to completion but the writing needs some editing/polish, and there's a CG we still need to make. But hopefully it will be finished in March or April.

Just wondering what the word count and/or play length is? And whether there's a demo available? And whether it's a kinetic novel (no choices), visual novel, or dating sim? How interaction dense is it? Lots of questions I know!! :)