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Yes :)

i sincerely have no idea how that happened

nice game! you have an encoding problem on Chrome tho where the lock characters aren't shown

Won it! Awesome game

This is fun! My scores: 55, 21, 14, 13, 43, 28, 17, 67

The difficulty made it fun

I predict that this is the winner

nice! glad you played it that much

Nostalgic mood! I love the simplicity!

Interesting simulation

I have the same error.

This was fun! Genius idea!

Yeah... I can see in the second screenshot the *Date Modified* time is 1:45 AM ;D


This is an awesome idea! I love games where you need to interact with the OS / files / console. This game was one of the best (even if doesn't look so professional, I don't mind programmer art). The humor was good too because the viruses have very funny names. Some other extensions will make the game harder and prevent the explorer sorting cheat. 

I wasn't expecting this success! Thank you!

Is this and old map? What happened to Romania?

This is unexpectedly fun. It's pretty easy when holding the mouse button forever. Nice work!


It's very nice that you used fundamental algorithms. The graphics are very minimalistic and the gameplay is pretty fun!

Better. Nice work.

I "forgot" about that and replayed the game. It's still pretty bugged.  In the first level, the velocity of the player is broken when I am carrying the letters. I also can exit the map. I like the idea though and the graphics! Ignoring the unpolished physics, it's a nice game.

Thx! <3 *programmer art*

In my opinion, this is a very simple and fun game. Graphics are very good.

I played this game for some time and I'm sure some jumps are impossible. The theme is good the idea is awesome! Gives me the same vibe as Flappy Bird. The audio is broken and can be heard only from the left headphone speaker.

I enjoyed playing this game! The graphics are very nice and the gameplay is fun!

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Fatal mistake: Not uploaded.

Looking nice right now. The idea could be good. Maybe you can continue the game after the jam ends?

It's pretty hard to understand the purpose of the player and the goal. I learnt the instructions perfectly but still can't understand what to do? What to do with the money? The graphics and the music are nice. The only problem is the lack of explaining how to play.

The graphics are awesome and the music gives a very dramatic vibe. It's a nice idea for a game about Distribution. The gameplay is pretty easy for me because I survived until I got 46 coins without doing anything :D

Thx for feedback! Indeed, the game still needs some smaller goals to prevent getting boring.

Awesome! I used the p5js for Ludum Dare 45 too. Genius game!

Can't Get Back - JS13K Entry

Press here to play

The player is trapped in a continuous changing trippy world. You must search for generators and try to escape and get back to your home. Everything disappears as you pass by it and you are also being hunted by squares.
big screenshot

It's for the JS13K competition. Any tips & feedback would be very appreciated. 

Awesome. Here's a simple bot script: