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Thanks.   Your game is cool as well.

I have a new video and am working on an alpha build to release.

Stay tuned.

Got a new video showcasing a mass amount of AIs to show it's efficiency.  Take a look. 

Hi all,

I'm glad to announce that there is a new update to the Action AI System feat Stealth.   Movement options have been added.  You can pick from stationary, roam, and patrol (please see doc.) 

Also, bug fixes.

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I'm working on a patrol and roaming options for the project.  It's mostly ready, I only have to bug fixes left.  

I now have a lite working set of documentation.  Please feel free to leave comments on updates.  Thank you

I'm planning on it.  Mostly enemy takedown, rescue missions.

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Hi, I'm Kinos141, and I would like to present the Action AI System feat Stealth.  This tool's goal is to make AI easier to implement in games and cut down dev time.  I'll be making regular updates and bug fixes.  Have fun and let me know what you think of it. 

Thank you


Speed Demon community · Created a new topic A new town

I created a new location for my first premiere level, Union City(fictional place).  It's a smaller map, which means I can load it up with lots of goodies.  

Looking forward to posting a vid soon on this work.  

Fun fact about this game: the wind effect was done in Niagara, Unreal Engines new VFX system, before it went live. 

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I did some reworks on the enemy AI to make them more fun for the player to take on.  Also, fixed a bug for when they would turn to the player instantly even when player was  in speed mode. 

Now the Civilian AI will be able to  do things and run from the Badguys once they are fired upon!!! 

So freaking cool. 

Speed Demon community · Created a new topic Fixing bugs

Finally fixed a bug that has been plaguing my AI for over a year.   Turns out I needed to change the rotation yaw of the pawn and add a orient to rotation.  
That fixed a nearly year long bug issue.

I like series of games:

  • Metal Gear Solid(and Rising),  
  • Devil May Cry, 
  • God Of War, 
  • Rainbow 6 games, mostly Siege

These are the ones I can think of now.

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I'm new to, and I wanted to know  if this is a place where I can put gameplay mechanic only demos for others to play with.
What I mean is, it's not a full game, just level(s) where you can use cool mechanics like Kratos's Leviathan axe, or Thanos's Gauntlet powers.  

Thank you

Thanks man.  I like seeing people having fun with my game.  

God damn. I was hoping to win, but you are making it hard for me.  lol.

Seriously, though, this is a great cinematic.  Can you make a game with it?  I would love to work on something as awesome as this. 

Game is really good.  Good job

I was able to escape.  Very good game, needs more polish.

Thanks, man.  I'm glad you have as much fun playing it as I had making it. 

Oh, My GOD!!! It's like the Impossible Game, and I hate it and love it. :D

I wish you could use space as well as W to jump.  Not a either/or but both for some players. 

Good job 

Good concept.  

Hard to understand what to do though, even after reading the content.  Here is a little list:

  • I have no idea how to swap the guns.  
  • Lots of cam clipping though walls. 
  • Stiff animations; I only say this because we were allowed to use mixamo anims, but I digress. 

Good job, anyway. 

Speed Demon community · Created a new topic Speedster game


What things would you like to see in a speedster game?