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Good concept.  

Hard to understand what to do though, even after reading the content.  Here is a little list:

  • I have no idea how to swap the guns.  
  • Lots of cam clipping though walls. 
  • Stiff animations; I only say this because we were allowed to use mixamo anims, but I digress. 

Good job, anyway. 

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thank you so much for playing our game and for your feedback. I do agree with your constructive criticism. The main character is a prototype robot which has a lots of malfuction in his ability thats why you have no control of gun and the gun is random. We really try our best to avoid camera clipping at all cost but just like any other aaa games they always have camera issue. About the mixamo animation we are forcing ourself to push our limits thats why we created our own animations because we belove we will get the benefit in the long run.