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Yeah, but it was told in a sarcastic and snarky way.

To both of you: it's early access. Don't judge it! Game dev is hard! Every aspect is so different! Programmers are typically terrible and modeling and vice versa! Don't hate on it!

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Oculus Quest headset.

I wish it had Android support but I'll try it out later : )

Looks a lot of fun!

Why so self-critical?

Ok Mr. creator of Sidequest

If you play this, all I ask is that you rate it. It can be 0 stars or 5 stars, I don't care, I just want feedback.

:  )

Lots of fun and very engaging : )

Ok man! Thank you, I'll be sure to play your game!

My game Multiminator? Inator? Wow, we really know how to name things well.

Thank you! This feedback will help me on my game development journey : )

Not sure what the bug is here, I play it on Quest only. Hope it works better on Windows!

Thanks man! Glad you had fun, that's what I want all my players to feel when they play my games : )

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thanks for playing, that means a lot! Can't seem to find the link for the video, could you send it to me?

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Wow, thank you! Also, the gun is not actually in the game! I planned for it to be, but gave up on the idea. You're supposed to just keep walking until you eventually get into an area with invisible boundaries and the monster is going around. of course, as I said, it is invisible and the only indication of it being near is a rustling noise. Sorry about that floor glitch too. my music composer rafinci studios had the same error but I can't find it anywhere. 

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I love this game! The story is awesome and the graphics are amazing!

Oh! That's disappointing to hear! Thank you for enabling the download again, though.

Hey, ShakeyGames, don't know if you remember me (one of the candidates for the voice acting role of the teen) but I can't find the download for this game. Could you give me a link or something?

Got to love a game where all you have to do is repeatedly press LMB over and over to win.

TP for my Bunghole community · Created a new topic Awesome

Beavis and Butthead live on after there unfortunate passing in 2011.

Flop Guy is a go! I repeat, Flop Guy is a go!

Some guy ShakeyGames wants to team with you in that jam. He needs some music.

Blank your in Scream Machine and Haunted Hunting?

I would like to work with you. Need some nice music.

Add Oculus Quest Link Integration please! I'm so sad I have to miss out on this awesome game because I bought the quest!

It was going to be the best prank ever. You would steal the band instruments and hide them at the dump. Night was the time to strike...

Now, don't expect it to be 4 part gameplay series that you get millions of views on. Its more for a 3 scary game video, like Markiplier's or Jackscepticeye. This meaning the game is short. If you want to see the game look here;

Download Here

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It's a fun game made in 72 hour. An 8-bit style game that can still scare ya'.

Okay: feedback.

The concept needs some tweaking.

The models need some tweaking.

The gameplay is not very functional. I'd recommend moving away from scratch and towards something like Unity or Unreal Engine. They have real coding and can make great games. And both are free.

I'd say if you worked on the game in a different engine it would be extraordinary. It has great music, but keep on with game dev! This is a great game for a beginner!

I've been programming for a while but I'm CRAP at 3d modeling. Anybody looking for a team?


Every time I launch the game it crashes. Does anybody have any tips to fix this?

Him. The door needs a key? Well, I'll just take the other path to find a solution (Opens door. Has a heart attack

This game has nice,  clean AI. Wish I was that good at coding!