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Interesting suggestion with the music, I totally agree. I would have liked to spend more time teaching the player tricks before I gave them the difficult puzzles, but the time limit got to me. Thanks for the feedback, Ill definitely try and slow down the pace of the game to help with the puzzles. I really appreciate the comment:)

The grappling hook was really difficult to get used to, but when you do it feels great to use. The animation really helps in  that aspect too. The animation of the rope vibrating looks too good. Great job! Would love to see an intro level or some sorts to help people get used to the controls.

I love this game! its satisfying to play and quite scary as well, which I was not expecting. It controls so well and the flashlight an oxygen mechanics work so well. Great job!

When you said that the game is unfinished I expected a game with bad controls or a game that's glitchy, but honestly this game felt to good to play and looked really good as well. Its a game perfectly done for a jam. Simple concept and simple gameplay polished really well. Great job! I loved this. Love how I have to balance between moving or shooting the enemy, that works really well.

Very satisfying to play. At first I was skeptical of the concept, but when I started playing it, I couldn't stop! The game is simple but it works well. Adding more mechanics could make the game even better; The mine itself could have some other features within it. But considering the duration of the game jam, this is extremely good. Great job!

Love the concept! Would have loved to have more control over where I shoot, as I could only shoot left and right which made positioning a bit awkward. I do love the concept and when the amount of enemies increased it got really fun. Great job!

The ghosts n goblins vibe works great! I did have a great difficult beating the game but that also fits with the ghosts n goblins vibe;) Great job!

Really scratches that advance wars itch. Great Job!

Fun idea! I wish the ship were able to do more, like an attack. Because sometimes, there were so many objects I couldn't possible dodge them. But the raising and lowering the sail mechanic worked really well and was fun to do. Good job!

The concept is very cool and has lots of potential. With more time this idea could be fleshed out to be really good. I had difficulty controlling the character. As well,  I often died because I couldn't see in front of me and a slime would suddenly appear. But the gravity idea and the game design I really enjoyed. Great job!

One of my favorite games from this jam. It controlled so well, it looked beautiful and I loved how the music developed as you progress. Though I would have loved to see more difficult levels. Great job!

Sounds great! Would love to see it, if and when you decide to work more on it :)

Very polished and fun. I am interested in how the combo mechanic (second hit hitting downwards) could have been used more significantly in the levels. Also, the boss fight was fantastic!

Very clever and fun idea! I love the mechanic of having to frequently shift focus between building and attacking the animals. It honestly kept me on my toes, I really enjoyed it.

  • The growing trees and rebuilding aspect was done really well. I like how the trees would quickly grow and I had to switch between the different tools to do different things
  • The game was very well balanced and I never felt overpowered. The animals were always a threat and I always needed more resources. Well done balancing that.
  • I would suggest to spend more time on how attacking the animals work, I often found them spawning right next to me and hitting me before I even realize.
  • And maybe more visual indication would have benefited the game. For example a health bar or sprite change when I am hitting the animals or a knock back animation.

Overall very fun idea with lots of potential Great job!

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

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Thanks for the feedback! Greatly appreciated:) That hole originally lead to a secret room but that idea was scrapped and that ended up a leftover. The bug fixes are getting worked on right this minute.

It keeps that gameboy aesthetic while introducing more modern rpg ideas and themes. Great job!

Really hits the game boy aesthetic. Great job!

Amazing! A simple concept done so well.