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Hey everyone, I am hosting my first jam so if you're interested follow the link to check it out!

If you are looking for a team, you can use this to help do so.

Do not be afraid to talk on here! This is for fun and possibly meet some fellow creators.

Would you be willing to do narration for short stories for a new YouTube channel?

If you're interested and have discord, mine is kazonking#3911 or I can message you anywhere that is best for you.

Hey! Actually this is from a game idea I had, but scrapped it since I felt imagery and such like I mentioned in my post felt like a better fit.

I am looking for an artist/creature concept artist to help me create the Realms Creature Sanctuary where artists will help create through their artistic creativity to bring creatures to life, with my writing to add to their lore. 

This project will have the feel of a bestiary in terms of the format. 

Why would you be interested?

Not only will you be creating diverse creatures that could be simply animals like dogs, cats, foxes, but can also be baby dragons, sea creatures, and creatures that are completely new. Of course, there will be different species that are dominant to certain biomes as well follow different possible elemental and spiritual appearances.

  This is good for those of the fantasy expertise, but is good for anyone that enjoys creating animals and creatures looking for experience, to add to their portfolio, or to participate in a world building project that will expand beyond simple concepts. 

What do I get if I join?

Very good question, not only will you be bringing life to a completely new universe, there will be a Patreon to generate revenue from supporters, art and lore posted to various art sites to help bring viewers. You can also add your own commission information in case our fans would like to hire you directly, further adding to your potential stream of revenue. 

Aside from the general marketing and Patreon method, once we reach a point to where we have so much lore and art, we will pursue to have them published into physical books that we will sell. 

The images below is a potential style to how the art would be done, however if you have a style different from this but still has that look to it, don't hesitate to show me when you apply.

If you are interested please contact me on discord at kazonking#3911 where I hope to hear from you!

Love your work! Very amazing details in each piece. Maybe one day I could get you to work on one of my characters.

sent you a request on discord

Hello everyone! I am looking for something a bit different on here compared to the usual requests on here. I am looking to create a "band" in a sense that I am looking for a musician/composer that is able to produce music that has a similar sound/ feel to:

Skyrim soundtrack

Lord of the Rings

Fantasy in general

    Of course the tone of the music will range from lighthearted to dark and mournful. I am also looking for a female willing to do vocals as well with the ability to fit the fantasy genre theme of sound from the examples above. 

    If you fall into one of these things that I am searching for, here is more about the music you will help create. Myself being the one to create the lyrics, help compose, and leading this project; I have been working on stories, lore, and many other things that actually turned out to have a more lyrical form than to actually be used for anything else. Because of this, I want to not let this go to waste and be able to make something more with it.

    With this being said, once we begin producing music, all music will be posted on a YouTube channel allowing anyone and everyone to see our work. A patreon will also be created to help bring in revenue from support. For now this will be solely for those willing to help build something from nothing and make something great as time goes on. If you're interested, leave a comment, if you have discord (preference of communication) you can contact me directly at kazonking#3911 to apply. 

Thank you for reading and hope to hear from you!

sent a friend request on discord

Im interested, sorry for delay, if the offer to work with you still stands I would like to help

Hello, I am a writer looking to make fun games and would possibly be interested in working with you. Of course I would like to know more details on what you like working on (genre of games). If interested, leave me a reply and I'll send you my discord or I can add you to discuss it further.

What kind of games would you be most interested in making? I'm a writer but would possibly be interested in working with you.


I have discord, if you're interested add me there at kazonking#3911

Hi! My apologies for the delay but if you are still available, I would love to join. 

I sent a request!

Hello everyone, I am a writer that is looking to work on projects be it visual novels to small games. I want to expand not only on my abilities, but also add to my legacy of works that I have done or contributed to. Below is a link to some of my works posted online so if you enjoy, messaged me or comment below and ill send my discord to you then! 

do you have discord?